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Living in the Digital Age

Living in the Digital Age

Discovering what it means to be secure on the net and how to protect our data


We are living in the digital age- meaning everything is moving to the web. Think about it- we can now do our banking online, shop for clothes-online, grocery shop and even have the items delivered to our doorstep-online, hold meetings-online… Well, you get the point but just how safe is all of this and do we run the risk of having our personal information compromised by being connected? It’s a scary thought to have tangible items stolen from you, but even more terrifying to think that someone could actually steal your identity and other personal information.


Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Connected World magazine says, “In our connected society, data is an inestimable commodity, growing in value both to our economy and those looking to sabotage it, As Americans, many of us believe we have lost control of this data. Well, it’s time to take control away from the bad guys.”  Every part of her statement is true. There’s a high probability that anyone reading this article has been or knows of someone who has been a victim of stolen credit card or personal information from a purchase made over the internet. It’s a scary thing! Of course, the most immediate reaction is stating that you will never make an online purchase again, chances of that are not so likely. So what can be done in an effort to protect our information and personal identification and everything else of ours floating on the web? We enter personal information through websites that claim to be secure, but how do we know just how secure that website is? Professionals and very influential organizations from across the globe will be meeting at the 2015 Connected World Conference where they will form strategies and solutions to help keep us users secure and protected from hackers.  As more and more businesses move to the web, we must take great precautions to keep ourselves and our information safe- That is what we are here for…

Sun Sign Designs specializes in internet security, specifically internal/external system penetration. Studies show that 44% of small business owners have suffered a cyber attack or malware virus of some sort- which leads directly to financial strain on that business. Our highly knowledgeable team identifies any potential threats or attacks and addresses each problem with a long-term solution. We will with your IT representatives to ensure that your business and its information is safe and secure so that you can continue operating and do what you do best. Leave the internet security to us… Stay Sun-Sign- Secure and give us a call today to see how we can help protect your business.