Our History

  • 2001


    Founded in 2001, SSD primary focus started off in the website development and traditional advertising space.

  • 2007

    Acquired Hosting Partnership

     Anticipating growth potential in the digital era, SSD went into a partnership agreement to acquire a portion of a hosting facility. This partnership was designed to provide VMS, VPS and dedicated hosing solutions to our growing web development business.


  • 2008

    Developed Our First SAAS

    SSD built it’s first SAAS for a real estate client wanting to develop a sell by owner service. 

  • 2009

    Data Acquisition Firm

    Seeing the emerging digital landscape when it came to email marketing and social media, in 2009, SSD went into a partnership agreement with the worlds largest data acquisition firm.  The partnership would allow SSD to provide their clients full email marketing services, from list acquisition, data management, email  campaign and then email deployment, while facilitating the deepest level of B2C/B2B requisition detail. 


  • 2010

    White Label Services

    SSD started to offer white label services to advertising agencies. Small advertising agencies who had been traditionally print and media, could not afford the staff and services that would be required to offer digital marketing to their clients. 

  • 2016

    Blue Rooster Web

    Watching financial side of the digital landscape start to shift, we created and launched our small business platform, Blue Rooster Web. BRW turned the traditional website design model into a subscription based business. Offering only essential services for a small business, we bottled this into an affordable subscription package.


  • 2020

    Virtual Conferences

    2020 saw the Covid pandemic, as we locked our selves in our home, SSD was busy planning what was next. Every person who has ever worked for SSD, has worked from home. We founded this model in 2001 and kept it as a cost savings to the company. In the pandemic era, we were poised for growth. In 2020, we partnered with an audio visuals production company to provide virtual and augmented reality pharmaceutical conferences and trade shows. Our platform and software was used to provide a base for them to present live broadcasted conferences in an interactive environment. This platform allowed presenters, vendors, and participants of these parma companies to enjoy similar real life experiences from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

  • 2021

    Virtual Conferences

    Our data storage for hosting needed to expand, we acquired a second partnership for redundant data storage as well as partnering with Cloudflare for all of our CDN and cybersecurity tier levels.


  • 2023

    CTV and Video Services

    Our journey continued in 2023 when we started to assist clients in building commercials for CTV, (captive television) while utilizing programmatic advertising techniques. Further more, we advanced our platform of services to assist in the ADA compliance services for digital technologies. 

  • 2024

    Our Future Looks Bright

    As we stand in 2024, our future looks bright knowing that we have a robust group of contractors, partners and infrastructure to support every layer of digital marketing. Our focus from the beginning has been to provide the best service to all of our clients. We look at marketing from a scientific purview, overlayed with a panel of sophisticated, but simple processes to provide an advantage to our clients. We transform how a company looks at resources and we provide digital workflows to build efficiencies to help them grow.