Graphic Design

Every good design depicts a message—what do you want to say?

Designing Your First Impression

Sun Sign Designs creates beautiful, thoughtful, and memorable designs that captivate your audience and pull your brand identity together. Our bold visuals will enhance your website, social media posts, blogs, digital ads, email templates, and marketing materials.


Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity and a strong point of brand recognition. Our graphic design specialist will capture the essence of your brand and set the stage for the brand experience you will give your customers.


When you want to show rather than tell, these simple visual symbols are an easy way to replace words and add some creative flair. Multiple icons can even be strung together to create an icon story.


Use striking visuals that engage your audience, communicate information clearly, and complement your copy. Infographics enhance website design, email templates, blogs, social media posts, and white papers.

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