Social Media Marketing

Is your business leveraging the power social media? Sun Sign Designs will help you develop the social media channels that works best for your business.

The Voice Behind Your Business

Social media platforms present businesses the unique opportunity to humanize their brand and infuse their social presence with some personality. It’s the perfect place tell your company story and get to know your audience. Through one-on-one interactions with customers, your business can create an approachable brand persona your audience can genuinely connect with and trust. Social media is the perfect avenue to build meaningful customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Develop a Visual Identity

The visual nature of social media allows your business to build better brand recognition with visual content creation. Graphic design, illustration, animation, and video content engage your audience on a different level and make your posts pop. Photos, videos, and infographics receive far more likes, shares, and engagement than text updates.

Create a Content Strategy

There is a certain level of spontaneity allowed on social media, but your business will need a solid content strategy to meet your goals. Content strategies enable your business to offer your customers useful, interesting content, valuable resources, and entertaining experiences—all of which organically promote your business. Consistent content creation and distribution via social media increases traffic, builds audience trust, and generates leads.

Drive Website Traffic

Although social media is off-site, it is one of the best platforms to drive traffic back to your website. The link in your profile, the link to your blog in posts, and your ads all collect clicks that convert visitors into customers.

Employ Automation

Social media is incredibly active—if you want to grow your business, you must be posting content regularly and relevantly. Sun Sign Designs offers automated scheduling tools to make content deployment easy across all social media channels.