Video Production

Leverage the power of video.

Advertisements & Fundraising Campaigns

Video advertisements are the number one way customers discover new brands. Digital ads and commercials generate interest, draw in potential customers, and increase brand awareness. Get your customers focused on a strong message and jumpstart their buyer’s journey.

Products & Services

Show your products and services in action. Videos for product introductions, how-to guides, tutorials, new feature announcements, and upcoming launches help your customers better understand your offerings, feel confident in their purchasing decision, and become excited about your brand.


Let your clients tell the story. Every potential customer wants to know the experience others have had before committing to a brand. Through video testimonials, your customers can powerfully endorse your business and establish your credibility by sharing their personal experiences.

Brand Story

Every business has a unique story. Your customers want to hear it! Give them a behind-the-scenes look at how your business was founded, the formation of your brand values and mission, and the creation of your brand persona. Brand videos build authenticity, connection, and distinction.

Social Media

Go where your customers are—stop their scrolling and bring the wow factor to their feed. Leverage the latest trends to build engagement and push your brand to the next level. We’ll help you generate social traction and draw customers into your brand’s content journey.

Landing Pages

Incorporating videos onto key landing pages optimizes customer on-boarding and boosts conversion rates. Dynamic audiovisual content naturally retains website visitors longer and compels them to action.

Events & Highlights

Repurpose footage from trade shows, private events, and industry conferences for your social media feeds, email newsletters, and blogs.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Sun Sign Designs offers end-to-end video production services:

  • Creative consultation & ideation
  • Scripting & copywriting
  • On-site direction & filming
  • High-quality video production
  • Editing & graphics creation
  • Publication & deployment