Business Process Transformation For Non Profits

The challenge for most nonprofits is that fundraising and donations treat the symptom of the following issues: cash flow, immediate and long term funding for staffing, operations and client support and services. However, fundraising alone does not create the opportunity for growth, or workflow management needed to help alleviate over-worked staff.

Our Solution to this challenge is to assess the business operation as a whole. We evaluate your current analytics and your business processes to redefine a better operational plan and deploy a system (either through automation or managed services) for you to achieve your goals.

We design custom systems that utilize efficiencies through automation to provide:

  • Better member and client engagement
  • Reduced administrative load
  • Improved retention of grant/membership funds by lowering
    overall cost to the organization
  • Increased ability to provide consistent and clear communication
    to all parts of the organization without overwhelming
    administrative teams.
  • Advanced analytic systems to assist executives in making clear
    and decisive decisions.