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SSD Remasters Album: Ms Peggy and Her Spolairos

Sun Sign Designs has had the pleasure over the course of the last 14 years to work with Ms Peggy, owner and CEO of SECC (Spolarized Entertainment Collection Corp). This dynamic musical artist has brought into her fold, talented artists, who…
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Launches Sacred Heart Catholic Church’s Garden Ministry Site

There's so many organizations out there that do a lot of good. The concept of a ministry, no matter what its application, should be to evangelize in multiple ways. Of course, with the Catholic Church, the primary evangelization is of God. Secondary…

A Never Ending Basket – Logo Redesign

In the bustling world of business, where first impressions matter more than ever, a logo stands as a beacon of identity. It’s the visual embodiment of a company’s ethos, values, and aspirations, condensed into a single mark. The art and…
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The Journey of Designing and Launching A Deep Dive into Creating an Engaging Online Platform

In today's digital age, creating a compelling online platform is essential for businesses to thrive and connect with their target audience effectively. One such platform that has recently caught the attention of many is In…
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Epic Artworks: The Business of Sports Photography

Sports photography is all about freezing action and capturing an unforgettable, blink-of-an-eye moment—something Andrew and Karen Bourne of Epic Artwork & Photo have a natural talent for! Epic Artworks is a husband-wife photography…

New Website Launch: Exporter’s Toolkit

Sun Sign Designs is proud to present the newly-launched website for Exporter’s Toolkit! Exporter’s Toolkit assists small and medium-sized businesses enter into and succeed in the global marketplace. Their mission is to help every business…