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Launches Sacred Heart Catholic Church’s Garden Ministry Site


There’s so many organizations out there that do a lot of good. The concept of a ministry, no matter what its application, should be to evangelize in multiple ways. Of course, with the Catholic Church, the primary evangelization is of God. Secondary to that, would be to educate others on the topic that the ministry is about, in this specific case gardening.

Gardening provides many gifts to the participants. The gift of creating, nurturing and growing; and the gift of harvesting and sharing the fruits of your labor with others.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church located in Tampa Florida, needed a tool to help them provide gardening education, ministry organization and of course beautification of a 10 acre property. The end result would be to empower volunteers to assist in this ministry on a monthly basis with the intended goal to eventually grow enough food to provide a bounty to others.

Sun Sign Designs, built Sacred Heart a simple, but effective website to accomplish educating others about gardening, providing a calendar of events and a place to share experiences in the gardening process.

Please check the site out at https://sacredheartfloridagardens.org

If you are a resident of Tampa, come out and help them grow their garden.

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