Sun Sign Designs has had the pleasure over the course of the last 14 years to work with Ms Peggy, owner and CEO of SECC (Spolarized Entertainment Collection Corp). This dynamic musical artist has brought into her fold, talented artists, who otherwise would have gotten skipped over in the music industry and recently created this masterpiece.

Her latest album “Ms Peggy and Her Spolairos” is nothing short of changing the pop genre as it showcases an ecleptic version of two decades of songs. Sun Sign Designs got the opportunity to remaster these songs and help Ms Peggy produce the album which was officially  released on April 5th, 2024.

During a recent interview, Ms Peggy described the theme of this album about family and doing what is right. Her brand “Get Legally Loaded” follows this theme as her business emerged in the digital download era. Being “Legally Loaded” means standing up for what is right and keeping yourself on the right track. If you do so, you then are “Spolarized” to the highest degree shinning as a star and as a masterpiece. Ms Peggy who grew up in Philly, has seen the music industry from a full throttle perspective. In her book “All In One Life Beneath the Hype“, she shares her experiences and reveals the B-side of the music industry. This tone underlines the theme of her new album and gives the listener a preview of her life as a music artist. The full interview will show sometime later in April 2024.

Please check out her album out on itunes or Spotify and give it a listen. Don’t forget to be spolarized.


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