The Life Enrichment Center (LEC) is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is for our students to fulfill their lifelong creative potential through the ageless engagement of the arts.

The LEC is an innovative arts education center for adults, operating in Tampa since 1980. It is one of only a few centers across the country focused on redefining and reshaping retirement and the experience of aging. Its cultural arts program has received national and international recognition and serves as a model of a successful community-based organization, serving adults primarily ages 50+.

Sun Sign Designs was engaged by the LEC in late 2019 to help redeveloped their website. As a global pandemic loomed, the demographic of the LEC no longer could take in person classes and a solution needed to be established to keep the organization moving. The organization primarily functioned on paper, so a digitalization for class registration and class attendance was developed. This assisted in building an online only organization. In combination with zoom, a consultative approach was taken with the students and instructors to assist them in a transition to taking classes in a virtual space. Because of the efforts taken, the LEC was able to stay in business and maintain 70% of it grant money that would have been lost due to the pandemic.

In 2022, the challenges at the LEC continued as the pandemic came to an end. After stumbling through a staffing shift, the LEC found its funds exhausted. SSD jumped in to provide a reorganization plan, to move to a temporary volunteer staffing model. Putting processes and procedures in place, along with a revamp of the digital process for classes, SSD helped guide the organization into a full process transformation. Using workflow management techniques to build efficiencies, we assisted in lowing the workload on many tasks that would normally take hours to complete. Finally, guiding the board of directors, we assisted in building the volunteer based needed to succeed. After lowing over all costs, and taking a consultative team approach, the LEC currently to this day has enough funds to operate for a full year with out lifting another finger.

The LEC is the perfect example of helping leadership see a different perspective and guiding them to a successful outcome. The above outcome was the efforts of teamwork in a blended combination, of volunteers, active board members and paid consultants.

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Seeds To Sew is a non for profit that specializes in providing funds to under served women in Kenya for education purposes. Women in Kenya are taught to sew an assortment of products. Each seamstress’s products are labeled with their info. The products are sent to the United States to be sold in the Seeds To Sew shop. The profit for each product sold is sent back to the seamstress who sewed the product, allowing them to be able to afford education and improve their quality of life.

Seeds To Sew needed an affordable way to digitally market their website. Besides their physical store, e-commerce makes up a portion of their sales. Thus they needed a partner that could allow them to grow and help as many people as possible.

Sun Sign Designs first addressed their website to assist in setting up the foundation for building out marketing efficiencies. The site was redesigned to focus on the mission of the business and to tell the story of the seamstresses. SSD also made it a product focused website to help Seeds To Sew sell more products as well as build workflows to sell to other outside store channels. SSD made sure all industry standards were ment in how each product was presented so that SEO could function correctly and gain ground in the search engines.

Though a bi-weekly consultative approach, SSD identified challenges with Seeds To Sew and helped provide insights on how to improve the business’s workflow, sales cycle, supply chain and digital presence. Through digital transformation, SSD helped establish loyalty programs, affiliate programs and use digital systems to help build efficiencies in the business to gain more sales as well as, deduce the workload of the executive director. Workload reduction was also implemented in the store software to help manage customers and build retention. Our consultative approach, further assisted in helping combat supply chain challenges and provide potential avenues to retain customers and donors.

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