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As we consult clients, we mentor on the 4 Cs of selling. These staples of effective marketing are essential to understand in order to convert customers. Most business hit at least two of the 4 C’s but find that their conversion rate does not meet their expectations. Instead of correcting the challenge at the root, they just push out more marketing. thinking that the increase in volume will meet their goals and milestones. So what are the 4 Cs of selling? Let’s dive into it, shall we.

Creditability, Capability, Cost, and Chemistry it rolls off of my tongue like silk chocolate, and when it explaining it, it goes something like this.

Is your product or service creditable? Can you back them up with facts? This is why legitimate reviews are so important to most businesses. For those products with a more defined pallet, acknowledgment from major sources help galvanize your creditability. This is why a reference holds so much value. If your colleague provides a reference about your business, skip go and move right on to capability.

Does your product or service meet expectations? If hired, can you produce the intended results in a reasonable timeframe? Do you have the equipment or man power to do so? The owner of a company I worked for many moons ago, had a saying; “Don’t make the sizzle better than the steak” In other words do not over sell yourself or your creditability will be in jeopardy.

When I look at services or products being offered, I always take a look under the hood to see if they are truly able to meet expectations. However, you can get a glimps by thoroughly going through a company’s website. However, to shorten the sale, just put your capability right up front.

This is the one that everyone gets …. maybe. Is your product or service priced right? Are you creating the right value with what you are offering? I read so many articles about how to put the right value on products and services. One of my favorites is a bottle of water. Put that bottle in a regular store it costs $1.00. Put that bottle on an airplane, it costs $3.00. Put that bottle in an amusement park on a hot day, it costs $5.00. The water’s value only changed because of the environment. If you nail the first 2 c’s then, you can charge more in the right environment.

Ok, so you have the first 3 C’s nailed down, but your sales team has the personality of a greasy used car salesman. This my friends is where I will show my age. Before all of the current technology that we use, the marketing and sales team needed to find a way to connect directly with the values, desires, and personality of the consumer. We call it demographic. But it is so much deeper than that. Face to face interactions, allowed sales to be able to read tone, facial expressions and posture to form immediate responses to close the sale. In our modern age we have lost this art, and use all sorts of assumptions to try to replace the human experience. Chemistry of an organization starts from the first moment an interaction occurs.

As an example, I travel almost every week, and I fly Delta. Delta, in my mind is the epitome of chemistry. At least for me, every step of my journey is catered to by friendly voices, faces and attitudes. The tone they use to solve challenges and provide service is why I continue to go back to them every week, even if I have an occasional negative experience. My suggestion, pick your example and learn from that business and understand why they are the forefront of their industry.

So where does this get us? The above is a short list of the 4Cs. Grab a pen and start checking the boxes. If you honestly can not check 4 boxes then go back and figure out how to change. If you feel like you are missing something, that is where I come in. Schedule an appointment with me for 30 mins. It is FREE.


Though Fawn Organics originally sold high-quality THC-free CBD, Sun Sign Designs has helped Fawn Organics transition its online marketplace to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly and organic products. Although its products have changed, its mission is still firmly rooted in promoting major health benefits, both for humankind and the environment. Fawn Organics is proud to join the ranks in combating negative changes to the environment and promoting healthy and environmentally-mindful lifestyles.

Fawn Organics’ eco-conscious marketplace now offers a unique, premium collection of environmentally sustainable products carefully chosen with the health and welfare of the Earth and its inhabitants in mind. Fawn Organics believes shopping with a conscience should offer high-quality and affordable products that ultimately lower household costs, make homes a healthier place, and sustain the planet. Fawn Organics prizes the health and safety of its consumers and the environment above all else, and that’s why it only offers organic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and fair trade products  made in the USA.

Fawn Organics’ eco-friendly store sells a variety of household cleaning, beauty, and bath products as well as fashionable reusable bags that support artisans in developing countries while promoting the end of single-use plastic bags. Fawn Organics also offers a beautiful, unique selection of pottery and jewelry that is 100% sustainable and artisan-crafted.

Buying eco-friendly products offers a whole host of benefits to the environment, such as saving natural resources for future generations, reducing harmful landfill waste, improving local and international communities’ living and working conditions by creating a demand for fairly traded goods, and growing the green economy by creating a market for sustainable goods. Whether we as consumers know it or not, our purchases have long-lasting environmental impacts. Making deliberate ethical decisions to purchase natural, fairly traded, and recyclable products helps the Earth and our fellow humans thrive.

Buying eco-friendly products also means not being exposed to harsh, even toxic, chemicals found in today’s cheaply produced goods. When purchasing household products for your family, this is inevitably a major concern. Fawn Organics knows everyone wants the best for their family. That’s why it offers borax-free laundry detergent, non-toxic dish soap, 100% natural body bars and body powders, and vegan lip balm to unite these dual desires for products that are safe for one’s family but are also eco-friendly.

Great advertising design is pivotal for all companies both in terms of compliance and aesthetics. Not only must designs present all the necessary information to comply with various regulatory laws, but they also must differentiate their brand, stand out to consumers, gain their trust, and provide an excellent customer experience. Building customer interest begins the moment customers are introduced to a brand through its advertising, and as many know, these first impressions are lasting. Juggling all of these design concerns can become a difficult balancing act, and often, more refined graphic design is the singular roadblock that prevents brands from enjoying increased profits.

While good branding naturally involves a solid business model, a marketing strategy, and ample advertising, most branding elements revolve around graphic design. How a business handles its graphic design marketing directly influences what kind of customers it attracts as well as how excited these customers are to try the business. The visual elements a business uses for branded materials, such as color schemes or typography, can make or break its branding strategy.

Sun Sign Designs completely revitalized CB3 Global’s CBD marketing objectives with a new, edgy illustration work that aesthetically symbolizes the potent variety of Delta 8 THC distillate it offers. Sun Sign Designs created a sexy, daredevil narrative in its illustration work that infuses much-needed charisma to CB3’s brand personality. The color scheme of lively, bright greens with dusky charcoals and deep blacks produces a youthful yet hardcore spirit. The busty green pin-up girl with devil horns and a pitchfork is the focal point of the poster. She establishes a fun, retro 1950s atmosphere with a sexy and modern twist that adds to the vintage appeal, and the double-facing charcoal skulls that frame her in the background create rebellious rock ’n roll vibes. Additionally, the repeated imagery of the marijuana leaf in the illustration positions CB3’s brand into the more recreational lane, clearly centering and hooking its audience for the sale of its Delta 8 THC tinctures and flavored vape cartridges.

Sun Sign Designs effectively helped CB3 Global’s CBD business, a now nationally recognized brand, to level up its marketing game through the graphic design of a single illustrative poster. The graphic illustration spoke to CB3’s brand identity and audience while promoting its products in an exciting and alluring way. Unique, brand-centered graphic design such as this paves the way to more successful sales.

Sun Sign Designs Digital Marketing Tampa Florida is proud to present the new logo design for Comprehensive Chiropractic and Rehab. Their logo design needed to use modern colors and offer the element of calm relaxation and use eastern imagery. For Comprehensive Chiropractic this was the first steps to moving the company to the next level. At the end of the project we had one very happy client and they had a logo design that can last a lifetime.