Digital Marketing portfolio work form current and past clients.

Sun Sign Designs has had the pleasure over the course of the last 14 years to work with Ms Peggy, owner and CEO of SECC (Spolarized Entertainment Collection Corp). This dynamic musical artist has brought into her fold, talented artists, who otherwise would have gotten skipped over in the music industry and recently created this masterpiece.

Her latest album “Ms Peggy and Her Spolairos” is nothing short of changing the pop genre as it showcases an ecleptic version of two decades of songs. Sun Sign Designs got the opportunity to remaster these songs and help Ms Peggy produce the album which was officially  released on April 5th, 2024.

During a recent interview, Ms Peggy described the theme of this album about family and doing what is right. Her brand “Get Legally Loaded” follows this theme as her business emerged in the digital download era. Being “Legally Loaded” means standing up for what is right and keeping yourself on the right track. If you do so, you then are “Spolarized” to the highest degree shinning as a star and as a masterpiece. Ms Peggy who grew up in Philly, has seen the music industry from a full throttle perspective. In her book “All In One Life Beneath the Hype“, she shares her experiences and reveals the B-side of the music industry. This tone underlines the theme of her new album and gives the listener a preview of her life as a music artist. The full interview will show sometime later in April 2024.

Please check out her album out on itunes or Spotify and give it a listen. Don’t forget to be spolarized.


There’s so many organizations out there that do a lot of good. The concept of a ministry, no matter what its application, should be to evangelize in multiple ways. Of course, with the Catholic Church, the primary evangelization is of God. Secondary to that, would be to educate others on the topic that the ministry is about, in this specific case gardening.

Gardening provides many gifts to the participants. The gift of creating, nurturing and growing; and the gift of harvesting and sharing the fruits of your labor with others.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church located in Tampa Florida, needed a tool to help them provide gardening education, ministry organization and of course beautification of a 10 acre property. The end result would be to empower volunteers to assist in this ministry on a monthly basis with the intended goal to eventually grow enough food to provide a bounty to others.

Sun Sign Designs, built Sacred Heart a simple, but effective website to accomplish educating others about gardening, providing a calendar of events and a place to share experiences in the gardening process.

Please check the site out at

If you are a resident of Tampa, come out and help them grow their garden.

In the bustling world of business, where first impressions matter more than ever, a logo stands as a beacon of identity. It’s the visual embodiment of a company’s ethos, values, and aspirations, condensed into a single mark. The art and science behind logo design are a testament to the power of simplicity and symbolism in communication.

At its core, a logo serves as the face of a brand. It’s the image that consumers associate with a company, product, or service. From the iconic swoosh of Nike to the bitten apple of Apple Inc., logos have the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, convey messages, and foster recognition.

Crafting a memorable logo is no easy feat. It requires a delicate balance of creativity, psychology, and strategic thinking. Designers must distill complex ideas into minimalist forms, ensuring that the essence of the brand shines through. Each curve, line, and color choice is meticulously chosen to resonate with the target audience and leave a lasting impression.

One of the fundamental principles of logo design is versatility. A well-designed logo should be scalable, adaptable, and timeless. Whether it’s stamped on a business card or emblazoned on a billboard, it must retain its integrity and legibility across various mediums and sizes. Moreover, a logo should transcend fleeting trends, standing the test of time as a timeless symbol of identity.

Understanding the psychology of color is also crucial in logo design. Different colors evoke different emotions and associations. For instance, red symbolizes energy, passion, and urgency, while blue conveys trust, professionalism, and reliability. By strategically incorporating color psychology into their designs, designers can elicit specific reactions and resonate with their target audience on a subconscious level.

Furthermore, typography plays a significant role in logo design. The choice of font can convey the personality and tone of a brand, whether it’s sleek and modern or classic and elegant. Just like colors, different fonts evoke different emotions and perceptions, influencing how consumers perceive a brand.

In an era dominated by digital media, adaptability is key. A logo must be designed with various digital platforms in mind, ensuring seamless integration across websites, social media, mobile apps, and beyond. Responsive design principles enable logos to maintain their integrity and legibility across a myriad of devices and screen sizes, enhancing brand consistency and recognition.

Logo design is a harmonious blend of art and science. It’s the visual language through which brands communicate with the world, leaving a lasting impression on consumers’ minds. By harnessing the power of simplicity, symbolism, and strategic thinking, designers can create logos that stand as timeless symbols of identity in an ever-evolving landscape.

This is exactly what we did with A Never Ending Basket’s logo, with careful consideration, we balanced the business of what they believe in and who they are. Evoking the thought of is the gift basket really never ending?


In today’s digital age, creating a compelling online platform is essential for businesses to thrive and connect with their target audience effectively. One such platform that has recently caught the attention of many is In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the journey of designing and launching this website, exploring the key elements that contribute to its success.

Understanding the Concept:
At the heart of lies a simple yet powerful idea: providing users with a seamless experience to discover and access exclusive deals and discounts from a variety of brands and retailers. The concept revolves around convenience, value, and accessibility, catering to the needs of modern consumers who seek ways to save money without compromising on quality.

Research and Planning Phase:
Before embarking on the website design process, thorough research and planning were paramount. The team behind conducted market research to identify the target audience, understand their preferences and behaviors, and assess the competitive landscape. This phase also involved outlining the website’s goals, features, and functionalities to ensure alignment with the overarching vision.

Designing the User Experience:
User experience (UX) design played a pivotal role in shaping into an intuitive and user-friendly platform. The design team focused on creating a clean and visually appealing interface that facilitates effortless navigation and encourages exploration. Emphasis was placed on optimizing the user journey, from browsing deals to redeeming offers, to ensure a seamless experience across devices.

Building a Responsive Website:
With the rise of mobile usage, building a responsive website was imperative for The development team leveraged the latest web technologies and frameworks to create a mobile-responsive design that adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. This approach ensures that users can access the website conveniently, whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Integration of Cutting-edge Features:
To enhance the user experience and differentiate from competitors, the website incorporates a range of cutting-edge features. These include personalized deal recommendations based on user preferences, location-based offers, social sharing capabilities, and seamless integration with popular payment gateways for hassle-free transactions. By continually innovating and iterating on these features, the platform remains dynamic and relevant in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Content Strategy and Optimization:
Compelling content is essential for engaging users and driving traffic to the website. A robust content strategy was developed to ensure that offers value beyond just deals and discounts. This includes informative blog posts, expert tips on saving money, exclusive interviews with brands, and user-generated content to foster community engagement. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques were employed to improve the website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Testing and Iteration:
Prior to the official launch, extensive testing was conducted to identify and address any issues or inconsistencies. This involved usability testing, performance testing, compatibility testing across different browsers and devices, and gathering feedback from beta users. The insights gained from testing were instrumental in refining the website and ensuring a smooth and error-free experience for users.

Launch and Marketing Strategy:
The launch of was accompanied by a strategic marketing campaign aimed at generating buzz and driving traffic to the website. This encompassed various channels such as social media, email marketing, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising. Leveraging a multi-channel approach helped maximize reach and engagement, attracting a diverse audience of deal-savvy consumers.

Post-launch Growth and Expansion:
Since its launch, has experienced steady growth and expansion, thanks to its compelling value proposition and continuous optimization efforts. The platform continues to evolve in response to user feedback and market trends, with plans to introduce new features, expand the partner network, and explore opportunities for international expansion.

In conclusion, designing and launching a successful website like requires careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. By prioritizing user experience, integrating innovative features, and implementing effective marketing strategies, businesses can create an engaging online platform that resonates with their target audience and drives sustainable growth in the digital era.

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Sports photography is all about freezing action and capturing an unforgettable, blink-of-an-eye moment—something Andrew and Karen Bourne of Epic Artwork & Photo have a natural talent for!

Epic Artworks is a husband-wife photography team passionate about capturing great emotion and energy in their images. Their skill and style of shooting easily transition to any type of photography. Although, their specialty is shooting live action events, such as rock ‘n roll concerts, aviation shows, tattoo conventions, and, now, sports too!

Business is Business—Even with Art

Although sports photography is in high demand, Epic Artworks still needed a well-constructed marketing plan to build meaningful client relationships, promote their business, and set the stage for future growth. Marketing is an essential component of building a successful photography business, particularly when it comes to reaching new clients.

Sun Sign Designs worked closely with Epic Artworks to establish their brand and develop a strong digital presence through these proven digital marketing tactics.


Every photographer needs an online presence. It is not only an essential digital touchpoint for clients to preview a photographer’s work, but it is critical for photography businesses to establish a professional presence clients can trust. A professional website establishes the credibility needed to begin building client relationships with school administrations, their sports teams, and parents.

A photography website is needed for much more than displaying impressive images. A website is the best place to share your brand’s story and build personal connections with visitors. In fact, studies show that approximately 50% of first-time website visitors will look at the About Us page to learn “who you are” and the business’s vision. Building out content that is personal to a brand’s story and background is not only pivotal to engaging and interesting visitors, but also establishing trust.

Read Epic Artworks personal brand story here.

Digital Portfolio

Incredible action shots are the bread-and-butter of sports photography. Prospective clients expect to see an extensive portfolio of these types of shots to signal a photographer’s experience and credibility. As a result, photographers like Epic Artworks need a digital space to display their collection of live-action sports photography.

In a digital world, online portfolio displays are a must. The digital portfolio takes on the role of displaying the photographer’s creative range, showing their specialties, and demonstrating their professional skill to clients. When deciding on how best to showcase their work online, it is important to carefully select the best images, curate an engaging visual narrative, and present their portfolio of work in a professional yet attractive manner.

Check out Epic Artworks’ sports photography portfolio here.

Social Media

Fostering authentic connections is the best way for businesses to market themselves to their target audience. Where’s the best place to do that? Social media.

Social media is an integral part of every business’s marketing plan, regardless of the industry. Why? It’s a proven marketing tool that provides endless organic opportunity to connect with your target audience and grow your following. Social media provides an easy, accessible way for photographer’s to showcase their work, reach a wider audience, and create genuine connections with prospective clients.

After all, photographers like Epic Artworks already have loads of amazing content to share (i.e. their photography!). As a result, social media provides the perfect platform for photographers to engage their audience with what they do best. Check out Epic Artworks Instagram here, Facebook here, and Twitter here for a look at their social media strategy.

Blog Presence

Social media is a great place to start a conversation with your audience, but where do you go to deepen those conversations? To the blog!

Although visuals are the heart and soul of photography, words do wonders too! Not only do blogs strengthen SEO to drive traffic to your website and work, but it is also a great opportunity for visitors and prospective clients to gain insight into your skills, connect with your brand story, and understand what your business can offer them. Blogs are a highly effective way to engage your audience, educate or interest them, and attract them to keep them coming to your brand.

Visit Epic Artworks blog here, where they share behind-the-scenes looks at their photography services, best practices, and other topics important to their brand.

Final Thoughts

A well-designed website and marketing plan are essential to building the meaningful client relationships that allow your business to thrive. Are you ready to take your business to the next level of growth? Schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session with us today!

Sun Sign Designs is proud to present the newly-launched website for Exporter’s Toolkit!

Exporter’s Toolkit assists small and medium-sized businesses enter into and succeed in the global marketplace. Their mission is to help every business access the tools and resources they need to overcome export challenges and break into overseas markets—even if it seems impossible.

As a company that is passionate about uplifting small businesses, Exporter’s Toolkit understands and appreciates the inherent challenges they face when it comes to exporting. Their main objective is to support overwhelmed or lost business owners and help them navigate a clear, confident path forward.

As a result, Exporter’s Toolkit turned to Sun Sign Designs to create a website, design a logo, and craft website copy that clearly speak to their target demographics’ problems, priorities, and concerns.

The Roadmap to Global Growth


A business’s logo is the building block of their branding. Effective logo designs create strong, lasting first impressions that strategically position a business for success. A successful logo design will convey a brand’s values and personality to its target audience.

When it came to the logo design for Exporter’s Toolkit, Sun Sign Designs selected dark blue, bolded font to convey the business’s dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism. The logo is then energized with light orange framing and an airplane acting as the apostrophe in “Exporter’s.” This combination of the lively orange color and creative addition of a plane acts as a callback to Exporter’s Toolkit’s goal of getting their clients abroad—but it also conveys a feeling of boldness and optimism. This combination of dependability and optimism in the colors blue and orange speaks to the target audience’s desire to have a dependable, positive guide to confidently navigate their export journey.


For Exporter’s Toolkit, Sun Sign Designs incorporated images of globes, planes, cargo ships, and compasses to underscore exporting themes of travel, navigation, and exploring new opportunity. SSD also integrated images of business professionals to infuse the website with an atmosphere of professionalism, capability, and dependability. Finally, in keeping with the logo design, SSD balances the use of blues and oranges throughout the site, creating a cohesive design and brand message.


Website copy and content are pivotal aspects of introducing a business, explaining their service offerings, and increasing SEO results. Sun Sign Designs worked to create a meaningful balance between the brand-driven visuals and relevant copy. During the copywriting process, SSD wrote copy for the homepage, about us page, and several service pages. Keeping the target audience in mind, we employed a professional yet encouraging tone to inspire confidence in business owners interested in exporting.

Check out the website for Exporter’s Toolkit and let us know what you think!


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Sun Sign Designs is proud to present Whiting & Co. Beauty Bar’s website!

Whiting & Co. Beauty Bar is a woman-owned beauty provider in Montgomery, Texas. The newly-launched beauty business provides spray tanning and lashes extensions with permanent makeup soon to be on their roster of services.

Beauty Redefined

Robyn Whiting, owner of Whiting & Co. Beauty Bar, wanted to create a supportive, inclusive space where individuality and uniqueness are celebrated. She turned to Sun Sign Designs to create the beautiful website she needed to display her services, speak to her brand messaging, and easily allow her clients to book appointments.

Sun Sign Designs designed a beautiful website and crafted brand-driven copy—both of which reflected Robyn’s genuine passion for beauty and ensured her business started out with a strong digital presence to effectively present her services, pricing, and location to the Montgomery area. The eye-catching homepage perfectly captures Whiting & Co.’s brand mission of illuminating natural beauty and inspiring self-confidence.

Since website copy and content are pivotal aspects of increasing local SEO results, Sun Sign Designs worked to create a meaningful balance between beautiful visuals and relevant, engaging copy. During the copywriting process, we incorporated an encouraging, uplifting tone to match Whiting & Co.’s mission of inspiring self-confidence.

Check out Whiting & Co. Beauty Bar’s beautiful website and let us know what you think!


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Sun Sign Designs is proud to present ARI Global’s new logo design!

ARI Global Inc., Accounts Receivable Insurance, is a monoline brokerage specializing in trade credit insurance. With headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and dedicated credit insurance specialists located in major metropolitan areas, ARI provides global and national coverage with local representation. ARI prides itself on locating the best contract with the most coverage and least cost for its clients. Since its inception in 1996, ARI has remained a leading trade credit insurance broker and has been consistently recognized as a Preferred Broker with major carriers.

ARI Global turned to Sun Sign Designs to refresh its branding and design a beautiful new logo that speaks to their mission, backs their professional expertise and credibility, and strengthens their brand identity. As the trusted partner for trade credit solutions, ARI Global wanted a logo that embodied their expert guidance and status as dependable industry leaders.  They also wanted a symbol in their logo that represented their profession and emphasized the broker’s role.

Sun Sign Designs selected the symbol of a bridge to illustrate the broker’s connective role between the client and insurance carrier. The symbol of the bridge aptly captures the broker’s role as a reliable, trustworthy mediator that connects two parties with great success. The bridge also functions as a clever recall to one of ARI’s programs—ARI Connect.

The design of the bridge in the logo is not industrial or overly realistic. Instead, it is slightly deconstructed, abstract, and minimalistic. The design takes a memorable, timeless symbol and gives it a fresh, modern aesthetic that is attractive yet remains professional at its core. The color selection of blue conveys strength, dependability, trust, reliability, and professionalism, and the incorporation of the color green adds eye-catching freshness. The combination of blue and green together is also a subtle recall to ARI’s global services.

Need a Logo Refresh?

Your business’s logo is the building block of your branding. Effective logo designs create strong, lasting first impressions that strategically position your business for success. A logo that worked for your business years ago may not be working to your business’s best advantage now. Contact Sun Sign Designs if you would like to discuss a logo redesign that will keep your business moving forward.

Having a consistent marketing strategy in place is essential to the success of every business. Industry leaders with unforgettable brand names, tag lines, and products know the importance of sustained, ongoing marketing.

Though their sales would likely continue even if they halted their marketing, these businesses know they should never stop because it helps them maintain their growth, retain brand presence, reach new markets, and continue as a leader in their industry.

Marketing is not a one-time solution only used to fix problems or achieve a specific goal—especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Businesses that abruptly halt their marketing efforts once they accomplish their objective will immediately lose momentum.

Don’t Let Your Business Lose its Pulse

Without regular marketing engagement, a business’s number of new leads, customers, and clients will plunge. Suddenly, the business finds itself back to square one. Why? Because without sustained, ongoing engagement, a business basically ceases to exist.

Once You Lose Momentum, It’s Hard to Catch Up

Businesses that halt email campaigns, social media posts, or content creation become invisible in the eyes of their current customers and potential customers. When customer acquisition and new cash flows stop, businesses will find themselves going into crisis mode and scrambling to implement effective marketing strategies that reopen customer communication.

Momentum is hard to gain in the first place. By consistently marketing, businesses won’t put themselves in the stressful position of trying to quickly build it all back.

Even When You Accomplish Your Goals, Keep Moving Forward

Consistent marketing not only keeps your business visible, relevant, and growing—it also gives your business the space it needs to experiment and innovate. If a business has a steady marketing strategy that maintains their current growth, they have the opportunity to test out new marketing techniques that may or may not work for their audience. Instead of focusing on making ends meet, businesses can securely conduct marketing trials to see what works best for their customer base and to see what can reach new audiences. Businesses that consistently market better learn their marketplace, discover what works best, and build strong brands that are continually optimizing.

Savvy business owners know marketing is ongoing and always changing. Most importantly, they know it must be sustained.

Does your business need help navigating its marketing strategy?

Marketing strategies that work at one point for a business may not work later on, especially when managing new growth. Contact Sun Sign Designs to set up a consultation and discuss marketing strategies that will keep your business moving forward.

MS Affordable Home provides a wide variety of special-needs populations with all-inclusive, affordable housing. They provide clean, safe, and accessible group homes and residential care homes to demographics in need of housing, such as veterans, seniors, low-income individuals, those seeking sobriety, and disabled or special needs individuals.

MS Affordable Home turned to Sun Sign Designs to create a beautifully designed website that speaks to their mission, backs their professionalism and credibility, and increases their visibility to their target demographics.

MS Affordable Home can’t advance their mission assisting those in need of accessible living environments without the ability to be found online. Developing MS Affordable Home’s SEO footprint was an essential element to helping them find local leads.

Since quality content is the cornerstone of relevant traffic, Sun Sign Designs performed extensive research in the affordable housing industry to write the keyword-rich homepage copy, articles, and resource materials needed to appeal to in-need demographics and convert leads.

As a result, health care providers or family members searching for housing for a patient or loved one in need can connect to MS Affordable Home’s solutions through a variety of content access points. This high-value, foundational content will be invaluable to increasing website traffic and local awareness of their services.

In addition to creating the foundational, cornerstone content needed to reach their audience, Sun Sign Designs built an aesthetically-pleasing, clutter-free website design that is easy to navigate, learn about their services, and fill out their housing application. Sun Sign Designs also wanted to visually emphasize MS Affordable Home’s sincere desire to support in-need demographics in their area. The imagery Sun Sign Designs carefully selected shows why it is important to seek support for special-needs individuals—because everyone deserves a place to feel safe, comfortable, and cared for.

Please visit MS Affordable Home’s new website at to view their new design, imagery, and content. Let us know what you think!


Does your business need quality, foundational content to strengthen your SEO strategy? Would your business benefit from relevant traffic and increased local awareness? At Sun Sign Designs, we don’t just implement generic SEO tactics. We work with you one-on-one to develop a successful SEO strategy that is unique to your business. Contact us now to learn more.