Over the last 18 years of being in business, we have listened to hundreds of stores from clients and businesses about their pain points with the website and online marketing industry. This ever changing landscape grows and adjusts so fast that unless you have an expert to guide you, you can waste a lot of presious time. Digital consulting traditionally is expensive, however, is very nessesary. Digital consultants navigate everything from website design, SEO, social media, e-commerce, customer conversion and disaster recovery. But non-the-less, small and mid size business, as a cost savings, have chosen to use a do-it-yourself model. Can the do-it-yourself model work? Sure it can, until you find yourself not converting your traffic into customers. This does not take into account the amount of positive search traffic a business needs to create to drive customers to their site and the time involved to effectively make an impact.

We took a step back, and really listened to all of the challenges clients have had prior to coming to us, as well as the multitudes of people who we talk to on a daily basis. A few things became clear.

  1. They want a cost savings on digital services
  2. They want to convert more customers
  3. They did not want to be involved with the entire process
  4. They did not want to have services shipped overseas
  5. They want a site that is easy to use, is mobile friendly, and can grow with their business.

We created the Blue Rooster Web brand with all these concerns in mind. We decided to create a high value service where for $97.99 per month, a client would receive a custom site hand crafted by a professional designer guided by a marketing expert. They would have their site hosted in our facility with a domain name and a SSL certificate. Receive monthly Search Engine Optimization services with monthly one-on-one reporting. Make changes on their own or request changes to the site without incurring any extra charges. Access to USA based customer service. With no risk, no hidden fees, and no binding contract.

The result was astounding. Clients were able to free up marketing dollars for other operations. Business owners got their time back since they were no longer bogged down with the process of building and marketing their website. And profits grew due to a transparent marketing process.

If this is something you feel your company or someone in your professional network could benefit from, please got to Https://blueroosterweb.com or click the subscribe button below.