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Though Fawn Organics originally sold high-quality THC-free CBD, Sun Sign Designs has helped Fawn Organics transition its online marketplace to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly and organic products. Although its products have changed, its mission is still firmly rooted in promoting major health benefits, both for humankind and the environment. Fawn Organics is proud to join the ranks in combating negative changes to the environment and promoting healthy and environmentally-mindful lifestyles.

Fawn Organics’ eco-conscious marketplace now offers a unique, premium collection of environmentally sustainable products carefully chosen with the health and welfare of the Earth and its inhabitants in mind. Fawn Organics believes shopping with a conscience should offer high-quality and affordable products that ultimately lower household costs, make homes a healthier place, and sustain the planet. Fawn Organics prizes the health and safety of its consumers and the environment above all else, and that’s why it only offers organic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and fair trade products  made in the USA.

Fawn Organics’ eco-friendly store sells a variety of household cleaning, beauty, and bath products as well as fashionable reusable bags that support artisans in developing countries while promoting the end of single-use plastic bags. Fawn Organics also offers a beautiful, unique selection of pottery and jewelry that is 100% sustainable and artisan-crafted.

Buying eco-friendly products offers a whole host of benefits to the environment, such as saving natural resources for future generations, reducing harmful landfill waste, improving local and international communities’ living and working conditions by creating a demand for fairly traded goods, and growing the green economy by creating a market for sustainable goods. Whether we as consumers know it or not, our purchases have long-lasting environmental impacts. Making deliberate ethical decisions to purchase natural, fairly traded, and recyclable products helps the Earth and our fellow humans thrive.

Buying eco-friendly products also means not being exposed to harsh, even toxic, chemicals found in today’s cheaply produced goods. When purchasing household products for your family, this is inevitably a major concern. Fawn Organics knows everyone wants the best for their family. That’s why it offers borax-free laundry detergent, non-toxic dish soap, 100% natural body bars and body powders, and vegan lip balm to unite these dual desires for products that are safe for one’s family but are also eco-friendly.

Herbal Healers is a Pennsylvania-based CBD retailer committed to offering high quality, lab-tested products to its customers. Herbal Healers’ 100% organically grown plants produce a rich, highly-concentrated strain of CBD that is used in its tinctures, soft gels, dog chews, topical balms, and face serums. From its founding, it has been Herbal Healers’ mission to prioritize the education of its consumers and to ensure they have access to the information needed throughout their CBD journey. In order to keep the consumer first and foremost, Herbal Healers turned to Sun Sign Designs to host and completely rebuild its website to create optimal customer experiences.

During the website redesign process, Sun Sign Designs strengthened Herbal Healers’ Search Engine Optimization so it ranked higher in searches, increased traffic and sales on its website, and boosted its return on investment. Sun Sign Designs then created new product and package designs that looked professional and appealing in order for Herbal Healers’ products to stand out in an already saturated CBD market. We know that product-based businesses like Herbal Healers must meet the aesthetic expectations of its audience in order to bring in new and returning customers. Sun Sign Designs affordably streamlines that process with the expert photography, digital design, and graphics needed to visually authenticate and add value to a business’s products.

Not only did Sun Sign Designs enhance Herbal Healers’ platform and online marketplace, but it also fortified Herbal Healers’ business model by providing the tools needed to establish an affiliate marketing system and a subscription-based service. Herbal Healers’ subscription service, The Healing Club, in which subscribers receive a variety of CBD products for a monthly fee, builds reliable recurring revenue online, generating long-term sustainability for Herbal Healers that one-time purchases of its products cannot.

Check out Herbal Healers’ new website and product design at https://herbalhealerscbd.com, and let us know what you think!

Ladies, do you dread the annual trek into the swimwear section of your neighborhood department store or specialty shop? Afraid to order online without trying on? Been putting off getting a new swimsuit even though your last one is older than your middle school children? Mobile Swimwear has a new concept that is sure to revolutionize how you shop for swimwear! Mobile Swimwear is proud to offer USA made, Tara Grinna Swimwear. Tara Grinna designs have the ability to fit and compliment almost any figure type with her body-flattering silhouettes in a wide range of sizes.

This is the mission of our client Mobile Swimwear. They want to make sure that all women feel beautiful and comfortable wearing swimwear products. Paired up with Tara Grinna to provide luxurious designs, every woman is sure to feel confidence after a Mobile Swimwear trained stylist provides a private consultation. The stylist discuss your preferred swimwear styles and areas of your body that you want to maximize, minimize or hide. A swimwear stylist will offer professional suggestions about the styles and sizes which flatter your body type, including supportive bra-sized swimwear up to an F = (G) cup.

To learn more about our client Mobile Swimwear, please go to https://mobile-swimwear.com



It is no coincidence that the holiday’s are the time of year that we all think about giving. So much so, that it is almost expected. With that type of pressure, who has time to vet out who you are giving to? Well that is exactly what happens to large corporations and private equity on a yearly basis. They get pounded by every non-profit for a donation.

Empreinte Consulting, LLC is a full service philanthropic consulting firm that partners with individual philanthropists, non-profit organizations and corporations that are looking to make an impact on their community. They help guide you on a path to give to charities who need it most and who’s mission aligns with your community beliefs.

Likewise, Empreinte helps non-profits to help them find them the right major donors. They consult with the non-profits to make sure that they are sending the right message and attracting the right philanthropists.

There is an art to Philanthropy. Empreinte has mastered this art by marrying the philanthropist and the non-profit. Thus creating a good synergy that helps the community they serve.

Blue Rooster Web is proud to launch Empreinte’s brand new site. Come check them out at https://empreinteconsulting.com and tell them what you think.


Facebook Cracks down on News Feed SPAM

If you read it on the internet it must be true, right? Wrong. Social media has changed the way we humans communicate- Some ways good, some bad—such as everything else in life. We use social media to connect with old friends and new, to read about and share news stories and in general, to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the world around us. Well, how do we know if what we are reading is true or false? You cannot ever be certain, but there are networks taking action to help eliminate falsified stories, Facebook is one of them.


I think it’s fair to say we all tend to get a little irritated when Facebook continuously changes the structure of their news feed just as we are acclimating to the new one. Well, they are changing it again! This time- we may appreciate the reasoning behind it but you can form your own opinion upon finishing the article. Facebook has announced that they are making adjustments to their news feed in order to cut back on SPAM…that’s right, SPAM! Did you ever start reading a sponsored story on your news feed and think wow, this simply cannot be real? Well, they are putting forth great effort to try and eliminate these fictitious rumors from our feed. Most recently, there was a story posted on many feeds that the iOS8 had the ability to recharge iphones by putting them in the microwave…Interesting. Facebook did their best to clean that predicament up by creating an option to report an untrue post as false- they are choosing to not get rid of it all together but if enough users report the post as false, Facebook’s algorithms will automatically display a message below the post labeling it as a warning to users that the post has been reported as containing false information. Check it out the next time you are scrolling through your feed, you can click to hide the post and then will be prompted to other options on why you are choosing to hide that post. Of course, now the question is what happens when someone simply does not agree with the post and marks it as SPAM even though it’s not necessarily untrue, the user just has a very different opinion? This is an issue Facebook continues to investigate but until then, enjoy your new feed and don’t forget- see something you don’t quite trust, and maybe looks a little unreal…or a lot? Do other users a favor and mark it as SPAM!


The ever evolving structure and rules of the various networks we have at our fingertips often leaves users, well… confused. That’s ok! It’s understandable and with networks changing each and every day it’s hard to keep up with all of new features and ways of going out posting. Luckily, the experts at Sunsign Designs specialize in digital marketing and are in the know on all of the latest advances on all of the various networks. Social media can greatly benefit your business, there are truly endless opportunities in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks to help create awareness around your brand- you just have to know how to effectively use each channel. That is where we come in! Our expertise in social media and digital marketing can be of great assistance in building your brand and overall digital presence. Get a hold of us and let us help expand your online reach…the right way!