All In One Life, Beneath the Hype

The Author exposes and records America’s curious and sordid activities coast to coast that are well “Beneath the Hype.” Over the last 30 years she has traveled through what most would consider “Dangerous Doors.” She is the testimony of a “Survivor” and has recounted her life’s travels. She has been involved in the sport and entertainment field more than 25 years and her knowledge of contracts without equal. Her credentials exceed most professionals in the field. She is a personal business manager to stars and is an experienced music analyst. She is an inventor, a performer, a speaker, a filmmaker, a record label and music publisher. She’s as old as the soul on your home stereo. Ms. Peggy better known as “This White Bitch Crazy” hit the streets in search of cover ups on the “Streets of Gold” Philly. Her life’s story crosses the boundaries of entertainment, sports, drugs and criminality. The rich and poor have crossed her door. Her life is an “Extraordinary Life” only few could imagine according to Geoffrey Atkins former consultant of Ruff Ryders and CEO of GREDT.

Ms Peggy is livin’ proof that comin’ from nothin’ doesn’t mean you can’t be something. She is an electrically energized woman who has sat at the table of some of the largest companies and law firms in the world. Ms Peggy chilled on the set of American Bandstand as a young girl with Bill Haley’s Comets. Ms Peggy gets respect from major players in the entertainment industry as a business woman on top of her game. Ms Peggy has had her share of props rhyming free style for industry professionals such as Outcast, Master P, Tupac’s Family, Lil Pippin’ and members of the Dogg Pound. She was befriended by members of the Wu Tang Clan, Nelly’s Camp, Don King’s Family, the Jackson Family, the Motown Family, Easy Mo Bee; the list is endless. There’s one thing they all can agree on and that is, “This White Bitch Crazy.” She is the “Spolarized Dope-A-Mean” fix for people to be able to “Stand to Their Feet as a Masterpiece” regardless of the shoe they’re in and rise above their obstacles. The urban community gives respect to this mother, grandmother, and great grandmother rapper who has shown true grit by learning the streets and the corruption within the entertainment industry. Ms Peggy is the personal business manager of stars and the CEO of multiple corporations. She began her movie interest on the first production of Miramax. Ms Peggy was an invited guest at Trump Mar-A-Lago for “A Night with the Stars” in which Ms Peggy credits Frank Stallone for his generosity sharing the art of music. Ms Peggy gives it to everyone straight up and for some unknown reason people can’t seem to get enough of her in the raw. Should you ever be on a street corner and this blonde offers you her hand, take hold of it; it could be the ride of your life. Most everyone who knows her wish they had her endurance. She is the epitome of how to shine the star that you are according to Dr. Mark Steinhoff.