Proper New Website Deployment Over an Existing Website

After spending months at a time designing, coding and preparing your new website for launch, many Information Technology and Website Development Firms still forget to check on the fundamentals of why a website exists. Driving traffic to your site is the key reason why anyone would ever spend time and money having a website done. In most instances, we find that Search Engine Optimization was never done or if it was done, it was not done very well. Whether you have spend time and money having Search Engine Optimization done or if by luck Google has found favor in your existing website, it is important to look at this from the top down.

In our example, the site we are about to deploy has been around for about 5 years. The owners have spend many hours promoting their products through marketing campaigns, and working the Search Engine Optimization angle and have a significant amount of traffic. In short, through all of this pain staking work they have managed to secure and lock down their current site’s link structure. The new site was designed from a strategic marketing point of view to help enhance their products, better serve their customers, and act as a grow reference. Of course this means that the new site’s link structure is completely different than the old site.  At this point launching a new site would be a huge mistake and the lose of Google Rank would be significant enough for them to lose revenue.

How do we work around this? As you know I mention on a regular basis, being strategic and looking at your site, not as images and code, but as vehicle to generate more revenue is very important. In this case not losing your search engine rank is key.

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