Facebook Cracks down on News Feed SPAM

If you read it on the internet it must be true, right? Wrong. Social media has changed the way we humans communicate- Some ways good, some bad—such as everything else in life. We use social media to connect with old friends and new, to read about and share news stories and in general, to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the world around us. Well, how do we know if what we are reading is true or false? You cannot ever be certain, but there are networks taking action to help eliminate falsified stories, Facebook is one of them.


I think it’s fair to say we all tend to get a little irritated when Facebook continuously changes the structure of their news feed just as we are acclimating to the new one. Well, they are changing it again! This time- we may appreciate the reasoning behind it but you can form your own opinion upon finishing the article. Facebook has announced that they are making adjustments to their news feed in order to cut back on SPAM…that’s right, SPAM! Did you ever start reading a sponsored story on your news feed and think wow, this simply cannot be real? Well, they are putting forth great effort to try and eliminate these fictitious rumors from our feed. Most recently, there was a story posted on many feeds that the iOS8 had the ability to recharge iphones by putting them in the microwave…Interesting. Facebook did their best to clean that predicament up by creating an option to report an untrue post as false- they are choosing to not get rid of it all together but if enough users report the post as false, Facebook’s algorithms will automatically display a message below the post labeling it as a warning to users that the post has been reported as containing false information. Check it out the next time you are scrolling through your feed, you can click to hide the post and then will be prompted to other options on why you are choosing to hide that post. Of course, now the question is what happens when someone simply does not agree with the post and marks it as SPAM even though it’s not necessarily untrue, the user just has a very different opinion? This is an issue Facebook continues to investigate but until then, enjoy your new feed and don’t forget- see something you don’t quite trust, and maybe looks a little unreal…or a lot? Do other users a favor and mark it as SPAM!


The ever evolving structure and rules of the various networks we have at our fingertips often leaves users, well… confused. That’s ok! It’s understandable and with networks changing each and every day it’s hard to keep up with all of new features and ways of going out posting. Luckily, the experts at Sunsign Designs specialize in digital marketing and are in the know on all of the latest advances on all of the various networks. Social media can greatly benefit your business, there are truly endless opportunities in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks to help create awareness around your brand- you just have to know how to effectively use each channel. That is where we come in! Our expertise in social media and digital marketing can be of great assistance in building your brand and overall digital presence. Get a hold of us and let us help expand your online reach…the right way!





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