Digital Marketing portfolio work form current and past clients.

Great advertising design is pivotal for all companies both in terms of compliance and aesthetics. Not only must designs present all the necessary information to comply with various regulatory laws, but they also must differentiate their brand, stand out to consumers, gain their trust, and provide an excellent customer experience. Building customer interest begins the moment customers are introduced to a brand through its advertising, and as many know, these first impressions are lasting. Juggling all of these design concerns can become a difficult balancing act, and often, more refined graphic design is the singular roadblock that prevents brands from enjoying increased profits.

While good branding naturally involves a solid business model, a marketing strategy, and ample advertising, most branding elements revolve around graphic design. How a business handles its graphic design marketing directly influences what kind of customers it attracts as well as how excited these customers are to try the business. The visual elements a business uses for branded materials, such as color schemes or typography, can make or break its branding strategy.

Sun Sign Designs completely revitalized CB3 Global’s CBD marketing objectives with a new, edgy illustration work that aesthetically symbolizes the potent variety of Delta 8 THC distillate it offers. Sun Sign Designs created a sexy, daredevil narrative in its illustration work that infuses much-needed charisma to CB3’s brand personality. The color scheme of lively, bright greens with dusky charcoals and deep blacks produces a youthful yet hardcore spirit. The busty green pin-up girl with devil horns and a pitchfork is the focal point of the poster. She establishes a fun, retro 1950s atmosphere with a sexy and modern twist that adds to the vintage appeal, and the double-facing charcoal skulls that frame her in the background create rebellious rock ’n roll vibes. Additionally, the repeated imagery of the marijuana leaf in the illustration positions CB3’s brand into the more recreational lane, clearly centering and hooking its audience for the sale of its Delta 8 THC tinctures and flavored vape cartridges.

Sun Sign Designs effectively helped CB3 Global’s CBD business, a now nationally recognized brand, to level up its marketing game through the graphic design of a single illustrative poster. The graphic illustration spoke to CB3’s brand identity and audience while promoting its products in an exciting and alluring way. Unique, brand-centered graphic design such as this paves the way to more successful sales.

Herbal Healers is a Pennsylvania-based CBD retailer committed to offering high quality, lab-tested products to its customers. Herbal Healers’ 100% organically grown plants produce a rich, highly-concentrated strain of CBD that is used in its tinctures, soft gels, dog chews, topical balms, and face serums. From its founding, it has been Herbal Healers’ mission to prioritize the education of its consumers and to ensure they have access to the information needed throughout their CBD journey. In order to keep the consumer first and foremost, Herbal Healers turned to Sun Sign Designs to host and completely rebuild its website to create optimal customer experiences.

During the website redesign process, Sun Sign Designs strengthened Herbal Healers’ Search Engine Optimization so it ranked higher in searches, increased traffic and sales on its website, and boosted its return on investment. Sun Sign Designs then created new product and package designs that looked professional and appealing in order for Herbal Healers’ products to stand out in an already saturated CBD market. We know that product-based businesses like Herbal Healers must meet the aesthetic expectations of its audience in order to bring in new and returning customers. Sun Sign Designs affordably streamlines that process with the expert photography, digital design, and graphics needed to visually authenticate and add value to a business’s products.

Not only did Sun Sign Designs enhance Herbal Healers’ platform and online marketplace, but it also fortified Herbal Healers’ business model by providing the tools needed to establish an affiliate marketing system and a subscription-based service. Herbal Healers’ subscription service, The Healing Club, in which subscribers receive a variety of CBD products for a monthly fee, builds reliable recurring revenue online, generating long-term sustainability for Herbal Healers that one-time purchases of its products cannot.

Check out Herbal Healers’ new website and product design at, and let us know what you think!

This Pennsylvania-based supplier of premiere kitchenware ships thousands of innovative products to specialty retailers across North America. For over 40 years, Fox Run Brands has equipped these businesses with the kitchen tools needed to perform in the retail industry, and when it came time for Fox Run Brands to update its website to continue its remarkable customer experiences, it turned to Sun Sign Designs to cook up a new, dynamic blueprint.

Sun Sign Designs reinvigorated Fox Run Brands’ website, managing to successfully maintain the supplier’s desire for an imagistic aesthetic while implementing more user-friendly features for prospective clients, such as a new mobile view. Sun Sign Designs also improved the website’s security and ensured its ability to pass recent PHP updates. In the end, Sun Sign Designs consolidated 4,000 pages from the previous site to smoothly showcase Fox Run Brands’ variety of fun and functional products—which are now easy as pie to access and view.

Over the course of the last 20 years that we have been in business, one of our core avenues for our work portfolio has been partnerships with Advertising Agencies. Spark New Business, located in Old Forge, PA is one of these agencies. Spark contracted us to assist with Realty Network Group’s website as it had a very expansive wordpress setup and also included the IDX framework used by Realtor websites to populate MLS listings into the site. They also contracted us because of our speed and efficiency of getting large projects completed.

Spark delivered to us a fantastic design. Designed around a real estate wordpress plug-in, the site design streamlined the buyer and seller process in a way that all devices could easily navigate the site. The pervious site had major challenges with mobile view and hampered the user experience. This was completely solved in the new design.

Behind the design, lay a real estate plugin that was over utilizing server resources. We helped assist Realty Network in identifying what they needed to do on their end to resolve these challenges. As well as, making changes on how the plug-in showed information on the site in a more efficient way. We also added in analytics to assist them in calculating marketing decisions and building out trends.

Collaboration makes for the best results because each entity brings different perspectives to a challenge and helps build the best solution. In the advertising agency world, traditionally, it has been a cut throat environment for decades. However building trust with real partners is very important if as advertisers will are to survive. Sun Sign Designs has been doing just that for two decades. The results are obvious if you look at what we have built with Spark.

Please check out our work on Realty Network Group. And do us a favor and check Spark New Business and tell them hi for us. Finally, if you like to partner with Sun Sign Designs, please give us a buzz.


Realty Network Group

When I met Fawn Organics I immediately fell in love the with products they were selling. THC-Free CBD products that had a major health benefit. I also was up for the challenge of marketing CBD products. Cathi was awesome and shared many documents about CBD advertising and I was amazed. Not at the lack of knowledge we had, but how the rules of marketing this type of product aligned with how we do marketing.

Brilliantly phycological marketing that did not mention CBD at all. Yeah CBD is a dirty word. We had to do marketing that appealed to the senses in the subtle way. Anyone who has works with us has heard me talk about how the website is the center of the wagon wheel and the digital marketing are the spokes of that wheel. The website can use whatever vernacular clearly defines the products, however, it cannot mention that CBD products provide health benefits. We know they do and so does the FDA 😉  The external advertising cannot mention CBD at all. Facebook who plays both sides of the aisle on this one, states they will ban the use of the word CDB. However, I have noted in my visual research that they “allowed” bigger players to use the word CBD in their context. Other social media channels, email marketing, and some SEO will not allow the word CBD to be used. We did a keyword check on Google for paid advertising for the keyword CBD… non existent. Bottom line is that you can not be bold and literal with this type of product line.

Phycological marketing is our favorite. So game on.

We like to introduce our newest website to our portfolio of work, Fawn Organics. Please shop local while we all #flattenthecurve and give Fawn Organics the opportunity to exceed your expectations. . As always, drop us a line, comment on our website and feel free to ask us any questions.

Blue Rooster Web launches the newly revised JK Executive Strategies website. This Rochester New York based client has been growing for sometime and needed a new and fresh look to expand their services. Starting with retained executive search strategies, they have expanded into other professional recruiting services like professional search, contract strategies, human resource services, talent management, and non-for-profit strategies. Removing a lot of the pervious extra copy, we streamlined the pages down to a more minimalist view, featuring a value proposition for each service they provide.

They most recently added a new section to their site called Resume Builder. This new service helps job seekers create and present a resumé that can land them their next job.

Please check them out at and let us know what you think.

A nonprofit organization is one which uses its funding in order to pursue and promote a specific charitable cause rather than profits, as do for-profit businesses. There are many reasons as to why Blue Rooster Web is beneficial for nonprofits.

Smaller Budgets and Shorter Contracts

Operating on an often-tight budget, marketing can sometimes be underutilized by nonprofits. Commonly they cannot afford to spend the mega-dollars larger for-profit businesses tend to shell out on promotion. This is only compounded by the fact that it is much harder for nonprofit organizations to gain an audience as businesses do by leveraging things like social media. They do not tend to get a lot of attention on social media and typically do not greatly benefit from advertising. This often results in a waste of time and resources.

With a month-to-month contract, Blue Rooster Web is a smart way for nonprofit organizations to run their marketing. It is often difficult to know where an organization will be in six months or a year from now. Without the extreme commitment often demanded by other marketing companies, nonprofits can feel good about their spending.

Strong Brand Identity

Still, the use of marketing is extremely important for nonprofit organizations in order to promote their message as well as themselves. Since they predominantly run off of volunteers and donors, they need a way to market to them that would make them want to help their cause.

In order to achieve these goals, branding is absolutely crucial for nonprofit organizations. The look and feel of all of the organizations collateral – and especially its website – must successfully convey the nonprofit, its message, and its cause.

Overall Customer Experience

One of the most important strategies for nonprofit organizations are dynamic, quality websites that can educate, build awareness, display images, share the mission, increase credibility, and save on the printing and mailing costs of offline marketing. An easily accessible, beautifully designed, and informative website can even help with the underlying client experience, another component of the overall brand. Having its own identity allows a nonprofit to carve out an identity all its own, and to create a memorable brand for both clients and donors.

Improve Public Relations

Many nonprofits are also able to exist due to successful marketing events. However, in order for the public to attend these programs, they must first be made aware of them. Offering a website that shares important information can prove key to effective fundraising efforts.

Blue Rooster Web Can Make a Difference

For these reasons and more, Blue Rooster Web is an amazing tool for nonprofit organizations. Providing short-term, cost-effective websites, which enable these organizations to relay messaging, build clear brand identity, share programs and events, educate, and improve overall marketing, can make all of the difference when it comes to a nonprofit’s success. To learn more about Blue Rooster Web’s services and offerings as well as how it can benefit your nonprofit organization, contact us online or email us directly at [email protected] today.

I have played sports my entire life, specifically soccer. As a parent, I put all three of my children in sports through their school and also at a club level. As the seasons passed I became irritated that scheduling for games and practices appeared to be last min or only a week in advance.  It is hard enough to balance the lives of three kids but not having clarity on what was going on a week in advance was frustrating.

Then I became a coach. I could see the perspective of both the parents and from my point of view as a coach.  What was missing was transparency in everything. Parents had no idea where booster money went, when camps or next seasons sign up were going to happen, and in this case, how do you funnel kids from kindergarten to 6th grade into a high school platform? Mind you, these are all private schools individually supports under one county umbrella.

After looking at each major sport that the schools had to offer, spending time talking to parents, administrators and coaches, we came up with a set of tools to solve the challenge of transparency. Transparency was not just with parents to coaches, it was also to groups of coaches, who at the time just did what they needed to do to accomplish their seasons goals. Once the season ended, where did these athletes stand with either, the next seasonal sport or the next season of their sport?

Most people do not realize that 90% of all sports programs run on booster money or donations. Fees for the sports pay for some uniforms and insurance. It does not cover the field maintenance, equipment, coach’s costs, and improvement projects.

Back to tools. We created Saint Youth Sports out of the necessity to retool the Catholic Schools of a Broome County’s sports program. By building a platform where everyone could see the calendar of events on a seasonal basis and when camps or pickup games are occurring. Showing the projects and needs of the entire program while providing donors a place to directly contribute to a specific project they care about. Allowing donors to receive tax benefits to their contributions and show the progress of a project as it progresses. Setting up vendors to provide spirit wear and merchandise that can be bought directly off the site and returns a portion of sales back to the booster program. Allowing parents to showcase their child on the site by a submittal process.

Finally the most important part, the student athletes. Providing athletes resources to help them develop their skills. As an addition to the site, we started to use the Team Snap App to manage an athlete’s sports profile. This allows a workflow from K all the way through to 12th grade, where coaches no longer have to hunt down parent’s information and can communicate more effectively with athletes, parents, and other coaches.

Now before we pat ourselves on the back, a great big thank you needs to also be given to everyone outside of our organization who helped with this project and will continue to help with this project. This type of project would never possible without everyone’s help.

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Blue Rooster Web is SEW proud to launch the new Seeds To Sew International Website. Here is the break down!

Seeds to Sew International, Inc. is a US-based, 501(c)3, non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training. Their goal is for the women and girls in their programs to use these job skills to earn money and to support themselves and their communities.

By purchasing products on their website, you directly support the artisans who made them. Whether you are buying our design-patented Enkiteng bags (cloth gift wrapping bags), Enkisoma jewelry (Maasai beaded jewelry), Githomo gifts (handicrafts made out of banana tree bark and other natural materials), Kiondos (baskets made out of recycled plastic), or one of our featured pop-up items, your purchase directly contributes to their mission of empowering women and girls in impoverished areas of the world.

Check out their site and our website development work at