Cheap Content, Beer Results

Yes you read the title right, I said Beer results.

In the process of transitioning one of our clients from a major national advertising firm, which I will not name, to our platform we had some over lap on content creation. If you have ever heard me speak about marketing strategy, you would clearly understand that Sun Sign Designs, Inc. as website development and online marketing firm believes that every message, in all channels need to have the mission of the company in mind. With that said, in this example, we were posting our bi-weekly custom content piece for our client in the coffee industry. When what to our amazement, there was a post recently published talking about national beer day. You have to be kidding me! After further discovery, I was hoping that the client posted this however, it was a national marketing firm claiming they understand social media and content creation.

Sadly, I have to admit, I have seen this type of “just put something up” mentality, or “as long as we are posting something people will check us out and come to our website”. Even more often, companies will pay (waste) a lot of money for exactly that, messages that have nothing to do with A) their strategy, B) their industry and C) remotely close to their mission. To bring insult to injury, the owners of these companies believe they are being taken care of and do not always check marketing companies professional work. And in my example got Beer Results.

Long story short, here is what I advise. Content creation is a small part of a bigger picture. Whether you use an advertising agency or do it in house, have a singular marketing strategy in place. This marketing strategy should be based off of research and analytics. Follow your plan, and deploy messages that can be repurposed to multiple channels. Your messages always should have the intention of making you and your company a “thought leader” in your industry. A very well researched, thoughtful content piece can go along way and bring the value you are looking for. Finally, hold your marketing company or personal responsible, reporting that shows exactly your return on investment and effort is vitally important. It is the ONLY way you will ever know how to adapt and become better at selling what you do.

As a business owner, if do not feel that your marketing department or company is explaining anything (strategy, planning, deployment and reporting) clearly or providing the results you feel they should, get a second opinion. Otherwise, you could be selling coffee, and getting Beer results.

If you would like a second opinion please consider my company, Sun Sign Designs, Inc. Our consultation is free.

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