Get Legally Loaded Launches Promo

It’s time to Flip Dollars with Scholars and Spread the Word that you Stand to Your Feet as a Masterpiece Against Fraud, Corruption, and Discrimination. Lock it Down in Rotation Across the Nation for all Generations that You’re Download Coded Legally Loaded. Spolarized to the Highest Degree Shinning the Star that You Should Be! Every Time You Get Legally Loaded You have a CHOICE between a Download of Music or a Certificate of Registration. You will be Registered In the SpolarizedSmart Book of Knowledge every time You Get Legally Loaded.

Be Part Of Changing History!



Sun Sign Designs digital marketing is proud to be part of such a great effort to stop corruption in the music industry. Legally Loaded, the brain child of Ms. Peggy Spolar, Legally Loaded also gives unknown artists a chance to shine where they may not have had a chance before. Check out and help stop corruption.

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