Is Your Website Making You Money?

Is your website making you money

Why Isn’t Your Website Making Money?

Although there is tremendous competition in today’s online marketplace, competition isn’t the only reason your website could be underperforming in terms of sales and lead generation. So why isn’t your website delivering?

No One Can Find You

It’s impossible to sell to an empty room. If you’re wondering why your website isn’t making money, it’s time to ask yourself—is anyone able to find your product or service to begin with?  For your ideal customer to find you, your website needs to pop up in your customers’ search results. The goal of SEO is to know what your target customer is searching for online, so your business can create the high-quality content to satisfy their searches.

As you develop useful, engaging content to build SEO and organic traffic, your business needs to use multiple channels to drive relevant traffic in the meantime. When using a layered approach, you will create a steady stream of new opportunities to discover leads and to convert customers from many different fronts. For more immediate results in traffic, your website can implement Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing, retargeting, and more digital marketing tactics while your SEO strategy builds strength.

You’re Not Driving the Right Traffic

Your website receives steady monthly traffic—even big spikes monthly traffic—yet it fails to convert. What gives? No matter how good your website may be, you won’t be able to convert visitors who are simply not interested in your products or services. Website visitors from the wrong sources will do nothing to grow your business. To have a chance at converting visitors, you need to make sure your website can be found by potential customers actually interested in your products or services—also known as, your target audience.

Once you have nailed down your target demographic, your digital marketing tactics must be tailored to attract and convert that specific audience. If you try to appeal to everybody, you will appeal to no one. The result of trying to appeal to a wide audience is often a mixed bag of unqualified traffic.

Your Website Is Slow

In a market with many options, customer experience is king. Today’s users expect websites to load in two seconds or less. Your website simply won’t generate leads or sales if people leave before it loads. No matter who your target audience is, they won’t be sticking around if you have a sluggish website. Boosting your website speed immediately enhances user experience, increasing the likelihood visitors will remain on your website and view your products or services. Review your hosting options to see what could make your website faster and more reliable for customers.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

In addition, more organic traffic comes from mobile devices than desktop browsers. More people are relying on their smartphones and tablets to peruse the Internet than laptops or desktops. Can your website adapt to mobile users? If not, your business is losing qualified traffic. Optimizing these structural components on your website will help your business make a good first impression and allow visitors to effortlessly interact with your website.

Your Website Doesn’t Encourage Action

Does your homepage feature a compelling call-to-action? Are you constantly guiding your audience toward a specific action? Your website copy needs to tell your visitors what to do. Landing pages with unclear call-to-actions or no call-to-actions leave your visitors to flounder. Instead, guide your visitors to product pages, newsletter sign-ups, and other relevant content.

The opposite can be true as well. Visual clutter can confuse visitors and aggressive, salesy call-to-actions can immediately steer people away. Too many links or pop-ups can easily distract and annoy people, causing your visitors to leave and not come back. It is important to strike the right balance when designing your website.

Your Product or Service Pages Aren’t Optimized

Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle—product pages will make or break your conversions.

Once you get relevant visitors, then you want them to convert. A customer may have found your product page through a search of a product they need, by clicking on a PPC advertisement, or by seeing your brand on social media. Regardless of how they have found you, it is now up to your landing page to convince them to convert.

Your visitors will be judging the quality of your products and services by their pages. Low-quality images and poor descriptions immediately cast doubt on the quality of the product or service itself. As a result, your product pages need appealing images, clear titles, accurate product or service descriptions, and useful customer reviews. Professional photography, high-quality video production, and convincing customer reviews establish trust, assure customers of quality, and help them overcome potential objections.

Start Earning Money From Your Website

Your website is an incredibly valuable asset to your business. It should be making money for you—whether that is directly by selling products and generating leads or indirectly by growing a loyal following.

What’s stopping your website from making money?

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