Keeping Social Media Current!

Well, you’ve got your Facebook page up, company information and a number to call- but now what? Most business owners realize the importance of having social media channels for their companies, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc but unfortunately, just having the page up with out-of-date content or no content at all actually does more harm than good. Staying current and having a plan for all of your social outlets is imperative, always remember… Content must be current!

Not only is it important to keep your content fresh and up-to-date on all of your social channels, but it’s also crucial that the content you are posting is relevant. Anyone visiting your social media channel not only wants to know what’s new, what types of specials or discounts you might be having and how you can help them but they also want to see that others are paying attention to what you’re doing and if there is any positive feedback. The only real way to grow your fan base and get your customers to leave positive reviews is to give them something to talk about! The first step in creating relevant content is to develop a strategic monthly plan. Whether you are developing a one-month approach, quarterly or 6-month, you must have goals established and specifically what you would like to accomplish per network for your business. Goals can be things like: gaining more followers, increasing engagement or driving foot traffic for a specific sale or special event. Once you’ve established your goals, you move on to piecing together a strategy. Strategy is key as your followers/fans will take notice on whether or not you are flying by the seat of your pants, finding things to post day by day or if you there is actually a method to your madness… You attract more eyes when you run customized campaigns/promotions and other giveaways, they want to know that you actually care about what  you are posting and want to see that in your content. There really is no “wrong” way of developing content strategy as long as everything stays in alignment with your pre-established goals, but of course, developing the goals themselves can be tough, also figuring out what exactly you should be trying to accomplish per network, time-frames, etc. Yes, it is a bit overwhelming… but no worries, because that is what we are here for! Our team of digital experts can and will show you the way to developing proper content strategies for your business no matter the network, the ways in which to manage your content and daily engagement and how to track whether or not it’s working! Content strategy? We can help! Social Media Management, Daily, Weekly, Monthly? We can do that, too! We are living in a digital society, it’s crucial to stay on top of your digital marketing efforts and as social media has now become such a huge part of our daily lives with networks growing exponentially, you must have a solid plan in place and way in which to carry that plan out. Call our team today for any questions you may have on social media strategy, management or tracking!

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