Seasonal Shopping is Here and it’s Online, Are You?

More than one fifth of holiday shoppers are expected to make their purchases online this season, an increase of 15% over last year*. While this number steadily continues to rise, it also means your website needs to be up-to date and competitive within your market. You need to have and build a steady web presence before your competitors blow you away.


An anticipated growth of 33% is expected for next year sales as well, if these numbers hold true, you have the opportunity to make a huge jump in sales for next year, allowing you peace of mind into the future. Who doesn’t want to build their reputation and set themselves up for growth ahead of the rest of the game? Learn to set yourself apart from the rest and please allow us to assist you in getting there.


Along with growth, a visible trend in shopping patterns is starting to be established. As online sales grow, the cross traffic of what people are searching for expands, giving retailers a need to offer a larger selection of goods sold. Over the coming years it is expected that the online sales will continue to grow, therefore the need to expand return and exchanges of goods sold after the holidays will increase too. A true ‘easy’ tool and marketing of online returns/exchanges has not been taken advantage of and now is the time to implement and capitalize on this for the future years.


We cannot only help you build an excellently designed web site, but we can also ensure that your site and payment processes are always protected. In addition and most importantly we can made sure you site is visible and highly ranked so that you are easily found when consumers are trying to find your goods or services. Push your business for further growth and allow us the opportunity to take the steps with you to further your companies success. Any member of our team would be more than happy to assist you, please send email correspondence to [email protected] or please call 570-507-0042.

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