Sun Sign Designs Charters the Boy Scouts of America, Pack 244 Vestal NY

BSA Tampa

Sun Sign Designs has recently become the charter organization for Pack 244 of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). A charter organization is a group whose objectives, mission, and methodologies are compatible with those of the BSA.

The charter organization relationship is often the cornerstone of the Scouting program and keeps the BSA packs moving forward. As Pack 244’s charter organization, Sun Sign Designs will see to the advancement of pack members, maintain a unit committee, encourage unit meetings, promote well-planned unit programs, cultivate resources to support the pack, oversee unit finances, and secure district help when needed.

Sun Sign Designs is proud to sponsor and support Pack 244. As the charter organization, we endeavor to serve BSA youth diligently as well as sustain and grow Pack 244. Sun Sign Designs will help Pack 244 continue to move forward in the Scouting program and accomplish Pack 244’s goals regarding: scholarship, practical skills, conservation, character development, career skill development, community service, and more.

Sun Sign Designs CEO Stephen Powell is currently the Chair of two Boy Scouts of America packs.

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