Too Much Thought Into Social Media Posts

If you’re posting on behalf of a company on any social networking site, yes of course it is important to take a step back, re-read what you wrote and check for any errors before posting…But just how intense are you analyzing your content before publishing? A recent studied showed that individuals posting not only for personal networks but also for businesses are obsessing about the content in which they are posting whether it’s a photograph or plain copy- they are overdoing it. Why is it that people are becoming so obsessed you ask? It’s simple- Acceptance and Approval.

The fact that so much thought is being put into content posting for social networks is derived from the need to be accepted and feel as though others approve or even applaud what you are posting. Have you ever found yourself, well, missing the actual moment while trying to capture it whether it be a photo or combination of photo and text? I think we can all admit that we are guilty of this, but the fact of the matter is… If you’ve already established a content strategy for the business in which you are posting for, it should realistically make posting that much easier. Chances are you already know what type of content you want to post, right down to the actual topic. If you are posting content, think it through, type it, re-read for any errors and post it! Yes, walk away from the keyboard… it’s ok to press post. The more time you spend re-thinking what you are creating the less effective the content becomes—you’re actually over-thinking. If you are taking a photograph and posting it in real-time, snap the shot, edit whatever is necessary and post it! You don’t need to take fifteen different versions of the moment you are trying to capture because 1) You have most likely missed the moment if you’ve taken more than one photograph and 2) The first photo you took is probably just right for the occasion. You’ve got to stop doubting yourself and obsessing with how others are going to accept your content.

At times, I’ve been guilty of developing content for a post, sitting, reading and doing it again and again wondering if it’s just the perfect thing to post. What did this do? Wasted precious time that could be done doing something else! If you’ve got an effective strategy in place, move forward with it, execute it just as you have outlined and once you’ve done so- typing out text for a post or posting a photo, publish it, let it go and move on to the next thing. Remind yourself that while you sit or stand there obsessing, you are actually being counter-productive. The toughest part of social media marketing is developing the actual strategy… not the posting…So don’t let it be. If you are unsure of where to start as far as your social marketing strategy is concerned, that is what our experts at Sun Sign are here for. We analyze your business, do the research and help you piece together a creative yet effective content strategy for posting across various networks. We even get so specific that we can give examples of what types of photographs to use and we will write up your copy for you. If you’ve got questions on your social media marketing plan, call us today, we’re ready to help!

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