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Micro Video Content

Many businesses tend to emphasize long-form content in the marketing materials they produce for their audience, such as news articles, case studies, white papers, or webinars. The goal of long-form content is to provide valuable information to your reader, increase audience engagement, and aid customers in their buyer’s journey with your business. Not to mention, long-form content increases online visibility by improving your search engine rankings.

However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for short-term content in your digital marketing strategy. On the contrary, one only has to look at social media to see the booming success of one type of short-term content in particular: micro videos.

What is Micro Video Content?

Micro videos are very short video clips that run from a few seconds to one minute. You need only scroll through some social media channels to see how videos even a few seconds long can garner massive views. This may not seem like enough time to convince your viewer to buy your products or work with your business—and you are mostly right. But this isn’t the point of micro video content.

What is the Goal of Micro Video Content?

Micro videos serve your audience bite-sized, brand-driven content that is easily digestible. Your brand can readily capture your audience’s attention and deliver small doses of your brand story, mission, products, and services. It is an incredibly effective strategy to build your brand presence and establish authority. The major goal of micro video content is to pique your audience’s attention enough that they will then go to your website and peruse your offerings with more interest to convert.

What other aspects of micro video content make them so popular and effective?

Micro Videos Capture Attention

Micro videos are popular because they are so straightforward and easy to consume. Viewers don’t go back-and-forth deliberating about watching your video because it is only a handful of seconds—what do they have to lose? Research suggests you have approximately 8 seconds to effectively hold your audience’s attention before their fidgety thumb scrolls onward.

Essentially, micro video content caters to our short attention spans, especially when we are on social media and expect short-form content. The message is short and sweet, but still emblazoned in our mind. As a result, people can easily watch micro videos on the go, in-between breaks, or whenever they have a spare minute to scroll through social media—slowly but surely building your brand presence in their mind.

Micro Videos Force You to be Concise

Micro videos will force you to keep your content and message focused. You only have a few seconds to a minute to get your message across. As a result, you can’t be going in several different directions. Keeping your videos short and messaging concise not only forces you to communicate better, but it also keeps your viewers more engaged and less likely swipe.

Micro Videos Entertain & Educate

Micro videos are becoming so popular and effective because they combine entertainment and education. It satisfies the viewer’s need to be entertained, but it also offers the unexpected value proposition of learning something new and interesting. Brands have increasingly used micro video content to show their audience how to use their products or services, display industry knowledge, and to start discussions and conversations on important industry topics.

Micro Videos are Shareable & Mobile-Friendly

Micro videos are designed for social shares. Video content is already more shareable on social media than written content, and micro videos even more so because people know it won’t take up too much of someone else’s time if they send it to them. Social media algorithms recognize these shares, which positively boost your brand’s page, website, online presence, and even SEO rankings.

Micro Videos Improve ROI on Long-Form Content

Once viewers are exposed to the brand, they are much more likely to dive into long-form content on the brand’s website. As a result, the impressive share-ability of micro video content often give businesses increased ROI’s on their long-form content.

What do you think about micro video content? Do you think it is an effective marketing strategy that is here to stay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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