Many business do not realize that their existing websites holds a level of value. Value in this context is any traffic brought to the site via a search engine that converts to sales. Truth be known, even a one page website holds a level of value for a business owner.

With that said, as you may start thinking about having a new website developed, it is important to build a transition plan to funnel traffic from your existing site to a new site. There are a few techniques for accomplishing such a task but we like to take a more artful approach. We suggest to handle/view each page on your website as a potential landing page. Since search engines take you to the part of the website that has the most relevant information based on a search term. The idea that the home page is the only entry point is thrown out the window. During a transition, each page on the old site should have a corresponding forward to a page on the new site. What this allows is for indexed traffic to flow to the new site while the search engines take their time to index your new site.

Following this very simple plan can take a bit of time to do on larger sites but the results you will find will be very much your effort.

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