How Automated Marketing Tools Can Save Time & Increase Profit

Automated marketing tools can save businesses from time-consuming and repetitive tasks like sending emails, updating social media, deploying website content, and overall website management. Automation helps businesses reach their audience at the right times without tedious manual deployments. These hands-free tools eliminate any stress and the possibility of forgetting to send follow-up emails to leads. Plus, automation tools mean more customer engagement and less effort on the businesses’ part.

Efficient Email Campaigns

Nearly nine out of ten businesses use email marketing to distribute their content organically. 81 percent of small businesses heavily rely on email as their primary customer-acquisition channel. In addition, the average open rate for a welcome email is 82%, so email marketing is still an incredibly relevant and effective form of marketing.

However, out of all the businesses that use email marketing, only about 13% use automation—which means these businesses are manually setting up and blasting off every email. This can become incredibly time consuming and repetitive. Not to mention, it leaves room for a lot of human error as well.

With automated email marketing, businesses can prearrange settings that trigger email communications after a certain action is completed on the part of the customer or after a certain number of days. For example, if a customer signs up for a website’s newsletter, they may automatically receive a welcome email. Or, if a customer leaves an item in their cart, they will get a reminder email. Automation means much less time spent on formatting emails and more time on creating quality content that converts leads into sales.

Savvy Social Media Scheduling

Businesses can save major time with automation tools that schedule their social media posts and automatically deploy them. This hands-off approach allows businesses to curate all the appropriate content in advance, schedule it out for the right times, and sit back and relax. As a result, businesses do not have to manually post the same content across all of their social media channels, which can save them up to 6 hours per week! Scheduling posts on product offerings or industry news means businesses can stay in continuous conversation with their customers and stay in the forefront of their mind.

Personalization Sells More

One of the biggest bonuses of automation is the ability to generate and distribute much more personalized content and communications based on the customer’s interactions with the business’s website, social media, and emails. Automation amplifies businesses’ content and brand messaging in the consumer’s mind because it responds to consumer actions with branded content geared toward them.

Collecting and Organizing Relevant Customer Data

Although small businesses typically do not have the resources to manage a large CRM system, a small CRM system can help businesses automatically collect comprehensive data about their customers, so they can sell their services or products based on what customer’s actually want. This valuable data helps businesses understand consumers more clearly, and as a result, they are able to tailor their approach to customers and sell more effectively. CRM systems can also manage business contacts, clients, and sale leads.

In a business’s early days, managing all the information about contacts, client lists, and customers isn’t too difficult. But as a business continues to grow and acquire more customers, client lists and contacts can get increasingly chaotic and confusing to manage. A small CRM system can save businesses from major headaches by organizing all of this for them. In addition, CRM systems can filter through customer interactions to find quality leads the business should spend time on.


Automation saves major time and money and provides an excellent return-on-investment for growing businesses. Although it is an initial investment, the benefits of automation are incredibly long lasting. Marketing with automation software provides businesses the ability to save money over long periods of time, never mind the reduced man hours. Could your business benefit from staying more engaged with your customers?

What would your business do with all of this saved time and money?


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