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How Can You Turn Website Speed into a Competitive Advantage?

You wouldn’t think something as small as page loading speeds would impact something as big as the success of driving forward your business’s mission—but it does.

When a user first decides to visit your website, the first thing they notice isn’t your colorful web design, clean layout, savvy content, interesting  products or services—it’s your page loading speed. And for better or for worse, the way they perceive the rest of your website and business will depend on this first impression.

Research has shown that the modern user expects websites to load in three seconds or less. In fact, some users will even leave before the three second mark. These studies show that, when forced to wait longer than three seconds, the users will leave the website and look elsewhere. As a result, slow page loading speeds are directly correlated to lower traffic and conversion rates.

Imagine this: someone visited your website with the intention of reading your content or purchasing purchase a product or service—but you lost them, not because your website was unappealing, but because it simply didn’t load fast enough. It’s a shame that slow page speeds are what prevent users from enjoying the creative web designs and content businesses work so hard to create for their customers.

Consequently, business owners do not have a second to lose. Here’s how fast page loading speeds can immediately secure a competitive advantage for your website and business:

Capture and Maintain Consumer Interest

As we noted above, it isn’t enough to simply spark consumer curiosity—you have to also maintain it! Creative web design and strategic marketing will do the heavy lifting to get the traffic to your website, but fast page loading speeds will be the secret edge that maintains and boosts it.

When pages load quickly on your website, users are not distracted by inconvenience and don’t become frustrated. Fast loading times lock in visitors to your website. They won’t have time to think about leaving when you have a website design and layout that makes users explore. As a result, they won’t leave your website and can form their opinion based on all the hard work that went into the website’s design, layout, copy, and offerings.

Create a Positive User Experience

Even if your web design and content are more engaging than your competition, it won’t matter if visitors won’t stay long enough to interact with it. Every visitor is a potential customer. When page loading speeds and general performance are slow and clunky, it is an immediate turn off to the modern internet user.

You can put all your time, money, and energy into creating the perfect, most seamless user experience. However, it will all be for naught if you have slow page loading speeds. First impressions are incredibly lasting. Also, with so many options on the market, there isn’t a big reason for visitors to return and try a slow website again. Ensure your visitors’ experiences with your website are positive and lasting for the right reasons.

Build Loyalty and Trust

People expect lightning-fast loading speeds and an entirely frictionless experience. When they receive this in a website, they immediately feel taken care of and appreciated. They will see a website and a business that prioritizes their experience and appreciates their support. Customers will perceive the website as a quality business they can trust and that they can return to.

Even though design, content, and product and service offerings will certainly have sway in their overall opinion, fast loading times will tip the scales in the right direction. It is far more cost-effective for businesses to get loyal repeat customers to make another purchase than it is for businesses to obtain new customers. Consequently, fast websites will instill trust and build loyal customers.

Boost Conversion Rates

Slow page loading speeds could be killing your conversion rates. According to one study, improving your page loading speeds by 1 second can lower bounce rates and increase conversions up to 27 percent. Unhindered by slow speeds, more users can complete the business’s desired action, whether it be reading a blog post, filling out a survey, providing an email address for a newsletter, or purchasing a product. Page loading speeds clearly have an impact on businesses’ online revenue potential.

Ensuring your website has fast page loading speeds is a critical first step to growing your business and maintaining a competitive advantage over your competition. What are you doing to boost your website speed?

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