Sun Sign Designs Presents ARI Global’s New Logo

ARI Logo

Sun Sign Designs is proud to present ARI Global’s new logo design!

ARI Global Inc., Accounts Receivable Insurance, is a monoline brokerage specializing in trade credit insurance. With headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and dedicated credit insurance specialists located in major metropolitan areas, ARI provides global and national coverage with local representation. ARI prides itself on locating the best contract with the most coverage and least cost for its clients. Since its inception in 1996, ARI has remained a leading trade credit insurance broker and has been consistently recognized as a Preferred Broker with major carriers.

ARI Global turned to Sun Sign Designs to refresh its branding and design a beautiful new logo that speaks to their mission, backs their professional expertise and credibility, and strengthens their brand identity. As the trusted partner for trade credit solutions, ARI Global wanted a logo that embodied their expert guidance and status as dependable industry leaders.  They also wanted a symbol in their logo that represented their profession and emphasized the broker’s role.

Sun Sign Designs selected the symbol of a bridge to illustrate the broker’s connective role between the client and insurance carrier. The symbol of the bridge aptly captures the broker’s role as a reliable, trustworthy mediator that connects two parties with great success. The bridge also functions as a clever recall to one of ARI’s programs—ARI Connect.

The design of the bridge in the logo is not industrial or overly realistic. Instead, it is slightly deconstructed, abstract, and minimalistic. The design takes a memorable, timeless symbol and gives it a fresh, modern aesthetic that is attractive yet remains professional at its core. The color selection of blue conveys strength, dependability, trust, reliability, and professionalism, and the incorporation of the color green adds eye-catching freshness. The combination of blue and green together is also a subtle recall to ARI’s global services.

Need a Logo Refresh?

Your business’s logo is the building block of your branding. Effective logo designs create strong, lasting first impressions that strategically position your business for success. A logo that worked for your business years ago may not be working to your business’s best advantage now. Contact Sun Sign Designs if you would like to discuss a logo redesign that will keep your business moving forward.

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