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Back 2 Basics Stepping Into An Unconnected World To Regain A Sense Of You

There is a place between here and there, far away from the sidewalks and city hustle that we all can regain a sense of us. Whether the journey is a back woods trail or a winding river, sometimes we all need to get Back 2 Basics.

I met Michael at a festival in Ybor City when he was selling his fabulous cooking syrups called Barrel Aged Creations. After talking about grilling and all of our food experiences, we started discussing the Back 2 Basics concept. Many of us live lives that we do not have time for ourselves, let alone a prayer to God. This disconnect with our spiritual life and our own personal life, leads us to become disenchanted with our own life. The Back to Basics Outdoor Ministry is designed to reconnect and ignite the spark between us and God. To see the glory of his creation and to find peace in ourselves.

For me, I am an avid hiker, kayaker and outdoors man. I love a good adventure. Why, because I do not bring my cell phone. I need to disconnect from everything and everyone. I need to go Back 2 Basics, if you will, and stop the white noise that keeps me from loving life and being productive. More importantly I need time to reflect on what has been provided to me by the Lord, and to be grateful for what I do have.

Not everyone can do this without a guide. Back 2 Basics is a non-denominational, Christian experience that guides you through a path to find exactly what I have illustrated above, gratitude. To guide an adventurer on an new experience, we decided to create an online platform that allows you to choose your adventure either by activity or by location in the US. Individuals or groups are able to work one-on-one with the team at Back2Basics to customize their outdoor adventure. Please check them out at https://back2basicsom.com and see what they have to offer.

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