Be Careful What you Tweet!


Well, there is some hype in the social universe… In specific, the rumors are regarding the talk of Twitter and Google partnering up in the very near future that could allow tweets to be searched for on Google. This may not seem like a big deal for some, but for the many tweeters who are looking for a job or have applied for a job and have also fell guilty to the “accidental-intoxicated-twitter-rant,” it may feel like the heat just got turned up.

Of course, everyone knows that we are living in a digital age and that anything that we may post online through our social networks stands the chance of being seen across the world—but you probably never thought that every little thing you tweeted could actually be searched for… yup, that’s right. A recent article released the buzz about Twitter and Google joining forces sometime this year and that the partnership between the two would be greatly beneficial for Twitter, allowing more searched traffic back to their site and more engagement. All of that is true, but it also means that any future employers could Google your name and have tweets from you appearing right before their eyes. So, remember that obscene tweet you sent out last Friday at 4am after a night out on the town with friends? Well, that might be able to be “found” much easier than you had thought. The moral of the story is to take caution with everything that  post to the social world and that if you think that no one will be able to see it or find you even after you delete your account, you are wrong. Take this into consideration every time have the urge to post something that may be deemed as highly inappropriate. Social media is a great way to stay connected and for businesses, can be an exceptional marketing tool- as long as you use it correctly!

Be sure to check back on the latest news about the Twitter-Google partnership or check us out on Facebook! Also be sure to pay close attention to what you are posting and how things are worded. The rules, regulations and game is always changing when it comes to social media and you can count on Sun Sign Designs to keep you informed on all of the above. If you’re unfamiliar with any new changes, don’t hesitate to call or email us- we are experts on social media strategy, development and management and can surely point you in the right direction!

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