Android Users Feel the Wrath of Malicious App Viruses

In one of our recent articles, we talked about internet security and how precious our personal information I, and how awful it would be to have it compromised… Well, technology and feeling secure are two things that don’t necessarily mesh all of the time, in fact- the more that technology advances the less secure we feel. Now think, what if you’re phone was compromised? Yes, that device that you can’t seem to ever put down even though you should, you find yourself constantly checking emails, social media or messages… Imagine that little device disappearing from your hand. Not a warm, cozy feeling is it?

Google play has recently blocked access to numerous phone applications that when downloaded, infect your device with malicious code and pop-up software. It may not sound so bad, but it’s also a lot harder to detect than you think. Most often, the virus will send a notification to your phone as a standard phone notification—sometimes saying you need to conduct an update or some items on your phone may have been compromised, download this app to uninstall virus…It’s so easy to fall for those scams because so badly want to rid our device of whatever it is that has taken it over, how do we know what is real and what isn’t? Some of the infected apps were simple things like card game, photo editing apps and even wedding planning software. These things appear to be normal, so why not download them? That’s how they get you! In today’s society, indeed, we are living in the digital age, which means we must be extra cautious in everything that we do digitally. Whether it’s on your computer, phone or tablet- viruses are everywhere, some well-known that you can avoid but some, like these apps, are very well-disguised.  Luckily, Google has done several scans for these malicious apps and viruses and will do their best to prevent digital “outbreaks” such as this, but we, the users must prepare ourselves and also do our best to prevent our devices from being compromised. You’ve got to take steps to ensure that you are secure. Unsure of what that entails? Ask us! Our team at Sun Sign is well versed in security and compliance, we also are in the know about what types of viruses exist and which viruses are currently a threat to us users. The moral of the story? Always be cautious when downloading new software to any of your devices and feel free to call and ask us how we can help you feel secure!…Our internet security experts are standing by!


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