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Blue Rooster Web Launches New Home Funding Website

Blue Rooster Web has just added the launch of a new and exciting website to its portfolio. Ken Kolodziej Home Funding, a company that provides jumbo loans and loan programs including reverse mortgages, renovation loans, and FHA loans) has been brought to life online with a website that speaks to the brand and its messaging.

As one of the most important offerings of the company, jumbo loans had to be a focus of the website. This was executed by including information about jumbo loans with no PIM and a low down payment as one of the features on the homepage slider as well as by incorporating it into a pop-up with the option of learning more.

The information contained therein shares that jumbo loans are those that exceed the conforming loan limits set by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise and are not eligible to be purchased, securitized, or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The content ends with a call to action, telling readers to give the company a call to find out if a jumbo loan (or another loan) is right for them.

Websites are so important when it comes to successful lead generation and can make a big difference with a business’ bottom line. From designing the company logo, site layout, and color scheme of greens and white, to its well-thought-out content and incorporated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords, the site is set up to rank favorably on search engines, while staying true to its brand and sharing the most important information with its audience.

Another great feature of the site is its mortgage calculator. The sliders contain various factors including

  • Home value;
  • Down payment;
  • Interest rate;
  • Amortization period;
  • Start after;
  • Annual property tax;
  • Annual hazard insurance;
  • Monthly HOA; and
  • MI.

Simply by moving the sliders to adjust to the right numbers, the calculator reveals a total breakdown and yearly breakdown with corresponding remaining balances, providing color-coordinated graphics as well as itemized figures.

With its unique features, look, and feel, the Ken Kolodziej Home Funding website is a source of pride for both Ken as well as for us at Blue Rooster Web.

To learn more about Ken Kolodziej Home Funding (www.kenkolodziej.com) visit the website or call Ken at 757-434-4993.

To learn more about Blue Rooster Web and the services that we offer, visit us online or email [email protected] today!

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