Blue Rooster Web is extremely proud and honored to have worked on a very meaningful new website. Autism Shifts, a non-profit organization in Tampa Florida that is working hard to dispel old, harmful, and often engrained stigmas that keep individuals with Autism from securing employment and living independent lives. The new site launched in April, just in time for Autism Awareness Month.

Truly adhering to the old adage that a picture says a thousand words, the site showcases many members of the Autistic community, in various positions of employment and socialization.

The thought provoking content on the site, which incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also serves to share some of the many benefits associated with the organization. It includes paragraphs regarding service of individuals with Autism, service of parent/caregivers, service of businesses, and service of the broader community.

If you scroll down the page, you will notice a section titled, “Autism Today,” which discusses the current movement associated with Autism acceptance, often referred to as the Neurodiversity Movement. Also in this section is a featured video, which touches on the current statistics associated with those living with Autism, such as their unemployment rate (90%) and rate of dependent living (70%).

The colors on the site align with the organization’s logo of blue and green – colors that invoke feelings of calmness and optimism. At the top of the page we have included clickable links and dropdowns for each of the groups it services (individuals with Autism, parents & caregivers, business and employment partners, and community), while at the bottom the visitor has the option of clickable buttons for joining the organization, donating, volunteering, and mentoring.

At the very top of the page are links that are important though need not be as predominant as the rest of the information. This includes links to the organization’s social media pages, events, its store, about us, and news.

With its calming colors, inspirational quotes, motivational video, and thought provoking imagery, Autism Shifts demonstrates the real importance of inclusion. Something that Blue Rooster Web also strongly believes in.

To learn more about Autism Shifts and how you can become involved, visit the website or call them at 813-251-2787.

To learn more about Blue Rooster Web and the services that we offer, visit us online or email [email protected]today!

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