Emphaticaleigh LLC Launches Artist Marketplace Website

December 3, 2015

Today Emphaticaleigh LLC is officially launching its site emphaticaleigh.com as an online marketplace for artists to meet, communicate and sell their pieces of work to interested buyers. The website already features work done by one of its principal artists, Shannon Leigh, and is looking to expand its roster of qualified artists going forward.

Emphaticaleigh.com is an extremely valuable resource for artists looking to sell their work on the internet and increase their name recognition among buyers. It features an expertly produced website as the portal for transactions, and is run by professional artists who deeply care about both the craft and business of visual art. Artists who previously viewed the internet as confusing and as a last resort for displaying their work can rest assured that we will act in your best interests so you receive a suitable return for what you do.

The website seeks to address many issues artists face when looking for online buyers. Many interested buyers simply do not know how to find and identify emerging artists if their work is not currently displayed in a gallery. Emphaticaleigh will serve as go-to resource for consumers to view art for sale. The price is of the work is also clearly displayed, eliminating the issue where buyers had to directly contact the seller for the price of the individual piece. Emphaticaleigh takes the guesswork out of purchasing premium works of art, creating an ideal experience for both artist and buyer.

Emphaticaleigh understands the difficulty that artists face when marketing and selling their art. Our platform and artist community network offers a non-traditional solution that will allow you to expand the audience of your work worldwide. In addition to our web services, we also handpick works of art to showcase in galleries around the country in displays that we create ourselves. Feel free to contact us directly so we can review your masterpieces.

Emphaticaleigh LLC.
279 McGuire Park Drive
Bloomsburg PA, 17815

P: 570-594-4216
F: 888.280.1272
E: [email protected]


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