Social Media: The Essential Portal for New Customers




Which would you prefer: having to directly search for information yourself, or to have relevant information delivered to you, by your friends, in an interesting and entertaining package? The contrast between the two choices shows the appeal of the latter option, social media, where customers are introduced to your product in a more organic and word-of-mouth format as opposed to requiring them to use a search engine to find out about your business. This isn’t to say that search engines aren’t important—consumers will always want to Google your business so they can easily find you—but it does display the importance of having a robust social media presence so you can utilize this essential channel for your marketing efforts.

The numbers don’t lie. Back in August, we discussed how Facebook surpassed Google for driving website referrals for media companies tracked by Parse.ly, a major web analytics firm. Facebook was responsible for 43% of website referrals for these 400 companies, while Google fell short at 38% for the same group. Of course these numbers don’t comprise every company on the internet, but the firms represented include Wired and The Atlantic, significant media businesses that thrive on finding new customers. Why is Facebook beating Google? Our previous article dug into this as well: “Facebook works from the user’s network of friends and its own “Like” system to populate trending content into the user’s feed. News stories posted by friends arrive among pictures and notifications, creating a customizable buffet of information options for the social media user.” Sites like Facebook use an algorithm to figure out what content would relate best to each individual. So having your content linked on Facebook means not only is your information getting in front of people you want, but more importantly it’s getting in front of people who will most likely want you.

So how can you take advantage of this trend towards social media traffic? As Bill Gates famously said, “content is king.” Specifically, excellent content is king. We mean the kind of material that will stand out in your future customers’ mind, hold on to their attention long enough that not only will they agree with what you have to say, but will be interested, engaged, and willing to find out more. The content must be high quality, and delivered in a manner that makes it easy for the customer to navigate both to and from the page so they can find more of what you have to deliver. Ultimately, you want to create a delightful experience for the consumer, where you have them from the start. And there’s no better way to accomplish this than by having a powerful social media presence, guided by the pros at Sun Sign Designs. Reach out to us today so we can kickstart your social media strategy now!

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