How much could a cyber attack cost your business?

Ponemon Institute, a research facility, found that on average it takes 32 days for a business to recover from a cyber attack. That is a number that can paralyze a company and have a deadly impact on their cash flow. It can take down your network, preventing your employees from work and customers to stop doing business with you.

For example, a former employee of a business accounting software firm hacked into the email of company executives and used their contact list to spread claims that the company was defrauding its investors. These claims then went public online causing the start up companies site to be shut down permanently. The company was valued at $100 million at its peak and it had to go out of business.

The average business loses approximately $8,000 for every hour that its site is down. The estimated brand damage that occurs when customers get frustrated from this can cause up to 10 times that amount in earnings lost. Social media allows incidents like this to spread like wildfire the moment they happen making the need for internet security a must.

Cyber criminals look at small businesses as a stepping-stone and you don’t want your company to be the weakest link in a chain. In the past it was easy to buy a piece of software that would block a code from your system and that was enough, now you need an entire system to protect your server, data, emails, etcetera. Sun Sign Designs is the premiere system to handle these security needs for you and your company.

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