More than 74% of People use a Mobile Device to Search for Local Businesses

An overwhelming statistic above shows the drastic changes in how information is collected and viewed, directly impacting how having a strong web developer is crucial to keeping up with valuable online marketing solutions. Web development and the increased need to design a functional, user friendly, viewable website on a smart phone has become key to building the success of businesses these days. From new start-ups, mom and pops to bars and theaters, a web presence on a smart device is now a more prominent draw than using a PC because of the convenience and immediate access to pertinent information.


Creating a page or website that is mobile friendly is key to any businesses success now and into the future. A web design needs to be functional and aesthetically appealing. With GPS on phones, locating a place in close proximity to you is at your fingertips in seconds, therefore a sites content needs to engage its audience from the start. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to capitalize on your business because you haven’t kept up with the current trends and sunk your teeth into online marketing!


The web game is constantly changing and evolving. Making sure you are using the right tools to add value to your business is an increasing need, and utilizing these tools on mobile devices with a reputable web developer is the next big thing. Do not wait to see the change, be part of that change and let Sun Sign Designs assist you in getting there. Please reach out to our Sales Team at 570-507-0042 or [email protected].

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