Is Being In The Know In The Wrong?

For years I have been saying to our clients, that you need to show that you are experts in your field. You need to show that your “In the Know”, go out and write content on your site as a forum, blog or as news. Make sure you then get it seen on the social media channels and if possible on other directories.By “Being In The Know” you are showing that your are a credible source in your industry.

Enter Google, Goggle has launched a new attack on guest blogging and on blogging on other sites that link back to your own site. In some cases this is now considered spamy. Using the word blogging loosely, so I am clear in this context, is writing content on other sites that links back to yours. Google this month has been dishing out many manual penalties related to guest posts.

Back to being In The Know, it is important to show that you are an expert in your field, but best practice appears that one should keep their content writing to the confines of their own site and their own Social Media accounts. Since content is king, and even more so since July of 2013 when Google launch Humming bird, we are advising to keep on writing, but avoid writing on other sites, and if you feel so inclined to do so, make sure your posts are set to no-follow.



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