Your Time is Worth More: How Time Tracking Can Transform Your Business

Time Tracking

If you have never tracked time before, you may be surprised to hear that many businesses consider it a staple to their organization. Why?

Time tracking is key to a productive, insightful workflow that keeps your business growing and improving. It allows businesses to fully understand how everyone in their organization—from managers to team members—spend their time on projects or assigned tasks. Time tracking is especially useful for businesses that regularly work with consultants, bill clients by the hour, or have remote, hybrid work arrangements.

RTC Tracking is a consultant management time tracking software tool that allows businesses full transparency to the work being performed by a consultant or off-site employees. The RTC Software tracks all aspects of work performance, such as:

  • Allowing instant approvals & acceptance of work
  • Providing automatic billing
  • Maintaining historical work performance records

RTC provides great added value for both the company and its consultants. Read on to learn the major advantages of time tracking with RTC!

Accountability & Transparency

Incorporating time tracking into your business automatically introduces much-needed accountability and transparency for all parties involved. It offers clear insights into the jobs being completed, their duration, and costs to ensure honesty can be maintained and that there are no surprises on either side.

It is important for consultants and businesses that bill clients hourly to accurately track their time instead of guessing it. Tracking your time ensures that you neither sell yourself short by underestimating time nor overcharge clients, which could damage the relationship. Effective time tracking software prevents businesses and consultants from manipulating times, padding numbers, and overcharging—holding all parties accountable and answerable to potential dishonesty.

Remote Monitoring & Project Management

If you work with independent contractors or manage a remote team, then you know it can be difficult to keep track of what’s going on and who is doing what. With so many moving parts in your business, it can become nearly impossible to establish what is being worked on by whom, what results have been achieved, and not to mention, what the costs will be at the end.

Having no idea what is being done by employees or what is getting charged by consultants leaves your business in the dark and at risk of losing money. And if as a business owner, you can’t say whether your consultants are achieving the desired results based on the time spent on a project, then you may also be at risk of paying for deliverables that don’t pass muster.

To avoid this, businesses need time tracking software to keep track of the status of projects in real-time, ascertain who is working on which tasks, and analyze if the time spent on the work meets their budgetary requirements and quality standards.

Improved Productivity & Profitability

Time tracking allows business owners to gain much-needed insight into how consultants or employees spend their time. Without time tracking, many businesses do not realize that some of their projects are unprofitable.

For example, some of the most time-consuming tasks aren’t necessarily the most profitable or valuable to a business. And when businesses can clearly see how much time it takes to complete a task, they can begin to reflect if that time was well-spent.

When businesses can clearly see time spent on certain tasks, then they can assess the profitability of those tasks, quickly spot unprofitable activities, and prioritize their consultant’s time to more worthwhile assignments.

Better Business Protection

If you are a client services business, then you know clients will sometimes ask for detailed explanations of why certain tasks took as long as they did. With the right time tracking tools, you can create a report and easily show them how long great work takes and why. As a consultant or business owner, this data is indispensable to help clients understand that the time they are paying for is put to good use.

Time tracking data also protects businesses from unreasonable client expectations and from dishonest clients that claim they never approved the work. With RTC’s time tracking software, businesses can further protect and empower their organization by:

  • Providing proof that each task was accepted and approved
  • Providing proof they completed assigned work
  • Providing detailed reports about what was completed during time logged
  • Creating better estimates for future projects by analyzing the time it takes to finish projects.
  • Measuring the profitability of a project given time spent on it

Want to Test Drive RTC Time Tracking?

Time is one of the most valuable resources of every business. Is your business using its time right? RTC Tracking will help your business optimize your time for increased cost-savings and improved performance.

If your business wants determine the value of RTC’s Time Tracking Software for yourself, sign up for a FREE 14 Day No Obligations Trial here.

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