Sun Sign Designs is proud to present the newly-launched website for Exporter’s Toolkit!

Exporter’s Toolkit assists small and medium-sized businesses enter into and succeed in the global marketplace. Their mission is to help every business access the tools and resources they need to overcome export challenges and break into overseas markets—even if it seems impossible.

As a company that is passionate about uplifting small businesses, Exporter’s Toolkit understands and appreciates the inherent challenges they face when it comes to exporting. Their main objective is to support overwhelmed or lost business owners and help them navigate a clear, confident path forward.

As a result, Exporter’s Toolkit turned to Sun Sign Designs to create a website, design a logo, and craft website copy that clearly speak to their target demographics’ problems, priorities, and concerns.

The Roadmap to Global Growth


A business’s logo is the building block of their branding. Effective logo designs create strong, lasting first impressions that strategically position a business for success. A successful logo design will convey a brand’s values and personality to its target audience.

When it came to the logo design for Exporter’s Toolkit, Sun Sign Designs selected dark blue, bolded font to convey the business’s dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism. The logo is then energized with light orange framing and an airplane acting as the apostrophe in “Exporter’s.” This combination of the lively orange color and creative addition of a plane acts as a callback to Exporter’s Toolkit’s goal of getting their clients abroad—but it also conveys a feeling of boldness and optimism. This combination of dependability and optimism in the colors blue and orange speaks to the target audience’s desire to have a dependable, positive guide to confidently navigate their export journey.


For Exporter’s Toolkit, Sun Sign Designs incorporated images of globes, planes, cargo ships, and compasses to underscore exporting themes of travel, navigation, and exploring new opportunity. SSD also integrated images of business professionals to infuse the website with an atmosphere of professionalism, capability, and dependability. Finally, in keeping with the logo design, SSD balances the use of blues and oranges throughout the site, creating a cohesive design and brand message.


Website copy and content are pivotal aspects of introducing a business, explaining their service offerings, and increasing SEO results. Sun Sign Designs worked to create a meaningful balance between the brand-driven visuals and relevant copy. During the copywriting process, SSD wrote copy for the homepage, about us page, and several service pages. Keeping the target audience in mind, we employed a professional yet encouraging tone to inspire confidence in business owners interested in exporting.

Check out the website for Exporter’s Toolkit and let us know what you think!


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