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Email Marketing

Personalized Email Marketing: 4 Tactics to Re-Engage Your Customers

Email marketing remains one of the most direct ways to get in touch with your customers and offer your products or services—but did you know email personalization more than doubles engagement and results? In the context of email marketing,…
Short-Form vs. Long-Form Content

When to Use Long-Form Content vs. Short-Form Content

There is no universal rule when it comes to the length of your content. Long-form content and short-form content are both essential digital marketing tools. Though it has long been a topic of debate, one isn’t better than the other. However,…
Content Creation

Four Types of Content Every Business Needs

Is your content creation goal-driven or aimless? The content your business creates should be driven by what you want to achieve with your audience. Content is used in a variety of ways depending on its purpose. It can inform people of new…
Website Accessibility
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Does Your Business Meet These Four Major Standards for Website Accessibility?

Digital accessibility is focused on designing or adapting digital spaces, content, and tools—like websites or apps—so people with disabilities can use them. Digital accessibility provides people with disabilities the opportunity to interact…
Brand Personality

The 5 Types of Brand Personality — Which Ones Fit Your Business?

Just like every person has a personality, so does every business. An individual’s personality naturally influences how others will view them and interact with them. Your brand’s personality has the same impact on your audience—it directly…
Data Storytelling

Tell a Compelling Story with Your Data

What is Data Storytelling? Telling a story with numbers? It may sound strange, but your data insights can inspire a marketing narrative that touches your audience and motivates them to act. Data storytelling is a way to effectively communicate…