The Storage Mall is another great example of how growth is often both a blessing and a curse for companies. The company had grown to the point where they had ten different locations, and none of them had a solid way of communicating with each other. They were using an outdated version of a program as a proprietary database, and were operating more as independent branches instead of a unified company. They wanted to continue expanding, but the problems that arose as a result from their previous growth was slowing them down from making more gains in the marketplace.

We co-located a centralized server that allowed them to communicate on an intra-company level. We provided a solution for their phone communication as well, giving the company a full-scale improvement on how they worked together. Once their internal systems were running smoothly, they were able to dedicate resources to turning their website into a selling tool. We continue to provide hosting, email services and technical support for this rapidly growing company. They bought 4 locations in the last two years as they continue to expand with confidence in their processes.

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