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New AB Accounting Services Website Launched with the Help of Sun Sign Designs

Calculating Destiny Accounting Website Design

Most people associate accounting with either taxes or IRS audits, two things which many outside of profession would be happy to believe do not exist. And even if you run your own business and understand how essential accounting is to your company’s functional infrastructure and bottom line, the idea of dealing with the ledgers, payables and receivables may send your head spinning. So how do you market your business when the very elements of what you do make most people want to run the other direction? AB Accounting Services solved this problem by going to Sun Sign Designs to develop their website.

“After months of searching for a web developer to design my website with my ideas in mind, I came across Sun Sign Designs,” relates Alle Bechtel, owner of AB Accounting Services. “Stephen [Powell, CEO of Sun Sign Designs] took many hours to truly understand my vision and listen to what message I wanted to convey. He was the first developer who was not trying to force his ideas on me, and as a result my website turned out exactly as I had imagined.” The website features the title, Accounting, Redefined, and features a list of services, news, and company information in a smooth, easily read design. In addition to the website development, Sun Sign Design is also responsible for the hosting, online marketing and consulting work, including the writing and updating on economic news and business best practices for their News section.

AB Accounting continues with saying that the “skills, personalization and attention to detail” of Sun Sign Designs made their experience a success. “Not only did my design turn out great but I gained a clearer picture of my marketing approach during the process as well. I have received many compliments on my website but none so rewarding as the one paid by the representative of the Better Business Bureau as I went through my accreditation. Sun Sign Designs is highly recommended for all consumers but especially the particular ones. Job well done!”

If you are looking for a similar standard of excellence for your online needs, look no further than Sun Sign Designs. Feel free to reach out to us so we can help make your business dreams a successful reality.


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