Java Joes Roasting Company, a small business in upstate New York called on us because, for a lack of better words, they had been taken advantage of by marketers for the last decade. They were in desperate need for an advocate who would tell it to them straight, and build them a true strategy that would guide them into the next few years.

Sun Sign Designs built them a road map to help them choose the right tactics, with the right message to move them forward. As part of this initiative, we started with their core business, Fundraising Junction, and re did their logo and their website. We helped them understand that educating the market to see that fundraising is really building community and the interactions which occurs in fundraising help better society as a whole.

Though they are just beginning their journey, we are proud to be part of the evolution. Fundraising Junction launched its new site on May 17th 2016 to service the nation with fresh idea’s about fundraising products. The core product being gourmet coffee, which I might add I am hooked on, proves that high end healthy products can be part of a fundraising campaign.

Please do them the honor and visit their site and if you do happen to choose them for your next fundraising campaign, tell them that Stephen sent you.

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