What do you think of when you hear the words “steel perforation”? Machines cutting standardized holes into gray metal – not exactly the stuff of dreams or fantasies, and it was a nightmare for the marketing team for Diamond Manufacturing as they tried to make their business appeal to a wider audience. Diamond had risen to the top of the industry on the shoulders of its parent company, ReliantSteel, and wanted to create the impression that they were ready for the 21st century.

We gave their site a sleek, visually appealing design to emphasize their eye for aesthetics. By making it look like art, we allowed the product to sell itself – customers would think if they can make steel perforation look this good, then every aspect of their business must be of the same quality. In a world full of noise, distraction and unwanted attacks on the senses, we can make your product stand out like a beacon to attract customers and clients.

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