Sun Sign Designs Digital Marketing supports individuals with special needs and underprivileged families. Help us support The Dirt Road Project in building a home in Rochester NY to give back to the community. Click the banner below to donate towards this great cause.


The Dirt Road Project is BUILDING COMMUNITIES OF HOPE for the developmentally disabled in Rochester, NY, as well as the hungry, orphaned, and uneducated involved with our sister project in Hinche, Haiti. WE ARE EXPECTING IN CONFIDENCE for those we serve by envisioning a world where hope continually springs eternal.

This year construction will begin on our first residential home for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Rochester. Recently, Sue Wolter-Pickett connected with TDRP and found hope for her son, Owen. She shares,

My autistic son is one of the most gentle, caring people I know. As he has grown older (just turned 21!), I worry everyday where he will live, where he will work. … With housing for those in need of some sort of assistance quite scarce, the worries I have increase more and more, so much that they keep me awake at night. The Dirt Road Project has relieved these worries! This project can bring independence and dignity to my son! He, as well as so many others, has so much to offer the world. The Dirt Road Project will enable him to reach his full potential …!”

And, in a small mountainous community in Centre Haiti, where cries of hunger echo throughout shanties, Metuschela, age 14, told TDRP, 

“Before I met you, I was very hungry. I did not have any food to eat and would have to walk to school hungry and be hungry all day. I could not focus on my school which I love so much. I would come home hungry and not have anything to eat in the night and do it all over again the next morning. But, I give thanks to God for sending The Dirt Road Project. I am no longer hungry. I can sleep at night, and now can study. Before you, there was darkness, now my family is in the light.” 

Today, we’re launching our HOPE 500 Campaign …

It starts with YOU!

Would you be willing to join your colleagues by donating $500 today?

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